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Let's Talk About Music Players



What music players do you guys use?

I personally use Tomahawk and occasionally groove music.


Used Windows Media Player (with WMP Plus and WMP Tag Plus) for a loooooooooonnnggg time because I liked the simple Interface. Also used MediaMonkey for a while, went back to WMP though. Tried Clementine too, didn’t fit me.
Tried Foobar2000 for a few minutes like half a year ago and the default settings didn’t really fit me so I uninstalled again.
Tried it again maybe two months ago and tinkered around with it a bit more… And oh boy I don’t wanna miss it anymore. Once you got you interface set up… man… so nice.


Windows media player
Interface is simple, it works with the media keys, all good.


When Winamp started to go downhill, I switched to Xion. haven’t looked back.

On Linux I am still looking around. Kinda liking Banshee.


I’m using MPD with ncmpcpp as a front-end.

It’s really nice to have a music player daemon, so I can leave the music playing without having to leave a window open. Controlling it over the network (e.g. with my phone) is just icing on the cake for me. :wink:

PS: Before that I used to use Rhythmbox since it came shipped with my Linux distro I used at the time.


On windows, I use foobar2000, because it’s just awesome. On linux I use Rhythmbox, because that’s what I’m used to, although I really wanna give mpd a try, but it just seems so damn complicated for a music player


I’m on Linux. I use Clementine.


On my desktops I like to use VLC for most everything. If I’m doing a stream I like to use MPV so no windows pop up and get in the way.

On laptops I like rythmbox. Just open a BBC1 or 2 stream and have algezeera or dub throughout the day. But again, I have VLC as well.

On macs… VLC.

On phone… VLC and spotify. If I don’t have it on my phone from my collection I have it on spotify.


Standalone …Xion


I generally use mpv on linux, but recently someone recommended deadbeef to me. Been using it for a few weeks now, it’s pretty nice.


Complicated? For me it was literally installing the package and setting the “music” directory in the config file. I mean you could add sound outputs manually but the default is auto-detection which worked great for me, even without PulseAudio. Everything else is handled by ncmpcpp which has a really nice default config, too. :smiley:


VLC & Spotify also

But if I see here something I like, I’ll bravely switch to that and reply :man_shrugging:


Linux - Clementine
Windows - foobar2000
Android - AIMP


Windows - MusicBee or Foobar
Linux - cmus or Cementine on the rare occasion I need a gui.

Spotify across all of em if I don’t have the local file.


Windows 10 - Foobar2000, it was AIMP 4, but it glitches the whole Windows interface on both my TV and receiver.
Android - BlackPlayer EX and HEOS

And for a streaming service, i have a Tidal Hi-Fi subscription.


On Linux: Audacious
On Android: Apollo by XDA developers


VLC - windows/mac/Linux/android
If I don’t have X running then Moc or emacs.


Spotify and YouTube :face_with_monocle:

Formerly Foobar2000. Formerly formerly Winamp.

I only have 8 albums on my PC at the moment, so I just let VLC handle the task given how infrequently I listen to them.


Winamp or Clementine.
Play music on my phone.