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Let's Talk About Music Players



Windows - Foobar2000
Android - n7 player


Just tried this out, looks nice but unfortunately it doesn’t support Album artist :frowning: Or at least I can’t find it.


Hmm… I am sure there was an option for this. It was one of the music players that I used before.


Currently I am almost exclusively Spotify. I never though I would be so dependent on it when I first started using it, but it is just so damn convenient.

I do have a pretty large (mp3) music collection I accumulated over the last decade or so. In the early days (on Windows) it was Winamp, then a couple weird ones (Songbird, something else), then Foobar, then maybe VLC. VLC was in there pretty much the entire time as a general media player. I’ve only been using Linux (exclusively) for the past three years, so mostly it’s been Spotify with that.

Portable music started with a portable CD player, then an original ipod nano, then some creative thing, then a Cowon D2, then a Cowon S9, then I got a Motorola Photon Q android phone as a dedicated music player. I used Poweramp with that. Then Spotify happened and I use that on my primary phone.

At the back of my mind I keep thinking how I would like to drop Spotify and do my own streaming music sort of thing. Not sure.


Windows: MediaMonkey
Android: Google Play Music (I only play local music)


It became too pushy trying to sell me it’s “service”

After some test drives I settled on Black Player EX (paid version) for Android.


It’s really rare that the app try to push me that. Also, it’s pretty useful when you toggle the “Downloaded only” to don’t have to deal with that.


Not that it is super easy, but there is built init the app tagging for all of that. Not great to type it on a phone, but if you eddit one and see when changes on the information when viewed on a PC and make those changes to the file so the tags are read correctly.

I have never had a problem with it.


My files are already tagged with Album Artist information, but very few players seem to read them. Most players rely on Androids media storage library which doesn’t do Album Artist for whatever reason. For now I’m using Foobar2000 for mobile and it works well, though removing from and adding to current playlist isn’t really a thing in Foobar.


Winamp on Windows and Audacious on Linux. Both work pretty well for my use case. I usually just run them in the background and control playback through keyboard shortcuts.


Winamp to this day. On the go I use Fiio X5 2nd Gen


Depends on the mood and how bored I am.



I really liked Amarok… before they ruined it.

My main requirement is that it needs a DB backend that is fast and responsive. Most players get too large to handle the quantity of titles I have.


For pure music file playing I use J.River’s Media Jukebox. This one’s a freebee. For radio streaming I use RadioSure.


A strategic mistake. Now you won’t be able to leave Spotify without losing ALL of your music.


Depends on what i´m doing.

Virtual DJ
Winamp; rarelly use it, still looking for replacement.



Not been on Windows at all for about 3-4 years, but still got the same Foobar on Linux I had for about 8 years. Not used as a player now, mostly tagging and other tools

Now: Deadbeef for daily use, QMMP ( winamp-style small player for radio stream) & IDJC for sharing the best music


I like to use VLC and Window Media Player


Foobar2000 of course. Once you figure out the layout manager, it works great.


Are you using the Default UI or ColumnUI? I find ColumnUI way better once you get it set up, but using the live editing with it is a pain in the rear, better off setting it up in the configuration screen.

I also saw foo_title which seems to be a complete UI replacement, haven’t tried it though (the skins are too shiny and impractical imo).


I’m just using the one that foobar2k comes with. The only addon I deem a necessity is the waveform seekbar.