Lenovo ThinkPad P14s Laptops?

Well it looks like my old 2013 Macbook Pro may have finally died on me so I’m starting to look at laptops again. Really need to be able to run VMs and I’d like to give Ryzen a try on the laptop side as well.

Digging around I see this Lenovo P14s Laptop that seems to be a configuration for me. Lots of ram, 8 cores.

Anybody have any experience with them?

I don’t. There are are some members that have the some of the other Ryzen Lenovo laptops.
May be able to chime in if you actually state what you are looking to be answered.

Just was looking for some basic experiences people had running linux on a Lenovo with a Ryzen CPU and at the same time also running VMs. Ideally I would be running something like Arch/Manjaro and using Libvirt with QEMU. Not sure if anybody runs the linux version of VMWare Workstation at all. VFIO GPU passthrough would be great, but from what I’ve seen over time doesn’t appear to actually be an option.

I don’t know if you tried to use the search function on the forvm, but below are some dated reviews based on the first gen Ryzen Mobile. subsequent releases have been much better but maybe you can get a feel for how GNU/Linux runs on Ryzen first. If it cannot do what you need as far as usability, then it may not deliver on your additional points.

In general, you should not have any issues as long as you are on kernel 5.6 or newer. People seem to have success with Pop_OS (made by System76) but You should be able to get the most out any disto on an LTS or recent kernel.


Thanks for finding those!

I was poking around but not sure how applicable those were if you go up to the P series. They would all be using the same chipsets I would imagine so my guess would be yes.

ThinkPad’s are my go to for a decade (more?). They have great build quality, great support and are usually very easy to get linux on. Had a minor issue on a T480 where wireless was finiky on bleeding edge kernels. Never an issue on LTS releases.

Haven’t had the P14s at all, but similar models that have worked great.

Only thing that goes wrong eventually is the battery. The 3rd party market is great with old models of battery, but I like first party. If you ahve a chance during check out, order a 2nd battery and a 2nd charging cable. Both are great nice to have’s long term.

In short, they are not applicable. The older threads reference bios issues with the E595 / E585 series. I know this because I bought one and returned it to Lenovo after encountering said errors.

These issues are not relevant to the T14s and P14s. In fact, Lenovo offers a T14s with fedora now.

Good call. I meant to mention that GNU/Linux is now a first class citizen in the Lenovo ecosystem now.

Thanks everyone for your feedback! I think I’m going to go Lenovo but I want to see if there is CPU refresh that I should wait for. 8 Core “Cezanne” sounds really nice.

Ordered a custom P14s Gen 2 with a 5850U – they say three plus months to get here. But maybe I’ll be lucky (and kernel 5.15 should be out by then). Price wasn’t too bad either < US 2K.

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