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Heres a test render of a project im working on :smiley:

Gotta finish up the modeling and do the animation. After that ill be touching up the video in gimp



Wooo, progress!

I found some more time and worked on the scene setup. I think it’s shaping up nicely and I’m especially surprised how well the wood turned out.

This render is heavily denoised because there’s a lot of subsurface scattering, depth of field and shiny materials, so there’s some visible artifacts. The final render is gonna take some time :smile:

All that’s left now is to tweak the cloth (I’ll use it to practice sculpting) and do some compositing.

All constructive criticism is very welcome.


The lines on the cloth at the edge of the table seem bigger than the other lines ( not sure if it should be like that ) also can you make “chocolate drop” on the side of at least one doughnut they look way too perfect and maybe a little bit less shine because in real world they do get oxidized.


I’ve noticed those things as well. The cloth was stretched by the physics simulation. Since I want to add detail to the model again anyway I’ll fix the UVs at that point as well.

The chocolate is tricky to get right. Without specularity it looks more like brown concrete, but add too much and you get plastic. I’ll have to take a look at its roughness texture again.


Don’t take my word for it I am not a professional, I may be wrong for the shininess of chocolate. It just felt like that.


Here is a full res image of my fedora model. Have the animation rendering now. Looking at 2 hours for that to finish



Made a render of my Coffee Table. The start of modeling my entire apartment.

Took measurements, it’s to scale.


That looks great. doing a rotation?

Should make it color shift like this dood.


I hadn’t scrolled down and wondered how you got so good with blender so fast


Haha, yep. The top one is the render :wink:


Oh you mean this dude who is on the forum …
@redgek I summon you !



Are you guys doing distro logos?

I also made this:


I’d love a dedicated post on how you make it. If your up for it


I got you covered:

Not sure if I need to make a whole post tho


This is hilarious, because I was going to plop this in the lounge for AdminDev to use because I saw his previous Avi. I should really go to the lounge more.


Isn’t that @AdminDev’s pic?


yeh, it is.



This topic took off in a way I didn’t expect. Happily surprised. Hope I get some Blender time I’m at work this week.


I hope to join in sometime in the next few days. It seems pretty neat. Those particles that I think phantom shared early were cool. I want to try and make an adorable ass poofy spider with the particles.