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I wonder how the real time Ray-tracing from NVidia will impact blender.


provided it’s just a cuda toolkit abstracted feature, it has the potential to increase performance quite a lot, but that assumes there isn’t some screenspace cheating going on in the middleware.


The Blender Reddit isn’t really worth going to for a confidence boost for your work, if you didnt already know.

Smoke sim that took exactly 10 minutes to set up before pressing “render”? 600+ upvotes.

Scene that took you a couple hours to set up and get right, following a tutorial but adding your own elements to with real effort? 10.

Anyone know a place where I could post these to get actual real helpful feedback and tips for what I’m doing? (besides here, obviously, you guys are great)


Hold that thought.

Also, I just saw someone make a Platypus Mage, that needs to be in a video game right now. Colors aside it looks too beautiful not to.


Made an animation. Higher quality of the version I used for my Avi.

Anyone know where I could host these that wouldn’t kill it with compression?

Also, I threw this together.


Have you tried Artstation ?


I imagine a lot of that ties into the tags you used. Simulations are always popular there because people know they’re animations and everyone thinks animations are cool because you need beefier hardware to do them and thus are out of the grasp of a lot of ordinary users.

From tutorial is also used as a filter by a lot of people (at the very least I would if I browsed there more often) because you see a lot of samey stuff from the popular tutorials. cough cough fucking doughnuts

So I wouldn’t necessarily repost it with a tag of critique or WIP, but I would do so on my next project’s post.


My doughnut scene, as seen with cycles’ viewport:

… and eevee

Even very basic materials look decidedly different. Notice how none of the materials in eevee have a texture. If I force blender to reload an image by changing the file path of a texture node the the texture shows up in eevee as well:


Transparency is still missing though. The node setup is very simple and doesn’t use any special nodes:


Recreating the material in eevee has no effect.


In EEVEE, under Materials tab > Options > Blend Mode > select Alpha Blend > then under that > Transparency > select Opaque.

If that itself does not work, add a Texture Coordinate Node and connect UV from it to the Image Texture Node’s Vector input.


That did the trick:

Transparency was just an example though. Most of my shaders are very simple, yet they look very different in eevee than cycles. This is what the wood looks like when reloading the images:


Point is, blender is on the right track but they have more work to do.


Blender 2.8 Beta release date was changed from mid August to October 25.

They know they have a lot of work to do.

They have recently said that even the Beta and likely the final release will not contain all features as expected and some features will have to come in 2.8X updates.


It’s 3:30am and I couldn’t sleep. So I made a controller.



Progress so far on a new project.



That’s awesome, my attempt at car failed :frowning:

Wanted to do R34

Don’t remember if i posted this here, too lazy to check.

Made a lowpoly cage to detail against later. Didn’t really workout with subdiv. Shit topo i guess.


Im using a base mesh and shrinkwrap modifier to conform the detailed mesh around it. You need to make your base mesh out of quads instead of Tris so subsurf works better, and add more topo from the beginning, then it should work out.


It’s quads, when u render u only render in tris.


In what render engine? I’ve never rendered in Tris.


All modern renderers convert ur quads to tris when rendering