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I’ve never had anything I’ve rendered turn to this from having quads. If the geometry was in quads when you rendered it, those shouldn’t be tris.


That’s coz u never streach quads like I did.

They turn quads to tris precisely for this reason. There are configurations where 4 verts (read quad) can’t be be on the same plane. While for tris the 3 verts that made them can always lay on 1 same plane. Hence why they convert quads to tris.


So, I animated my original fur ball render. Each frame took 43 minutes with a total of 120 frames. over 80 hours of rendering.

Here’s a lower sized .gif of it.
And if you have wallpaper engine, I uploaded it to the Workshop. It is at 1080p with some light motion blur.


RIP your PC.


Animation courtesy of the Molecular Script Add-on for Blender.


I miss animated wallpapers…It so 2000’s

Might even been the 90’s


Reworked my avatar to have a santa hat





I just now found this thread! :slightly_smiling_face: Let’s wake it from it’s slumber! Here is something I made recently (small version):


That’s really nice! I haven’t done much hard surface modelling as of late.


thanks :slight_smile:
this one was actually made with a really easy trick. I used the wireframe modifier. :wink: