Leaked Ryzen benchmarks, "comparable to Intel 6800k"

Here's the rundown by redgamingtech.

The leaks and the benchmarks keep piling up and they all say the same thing. Haswell level IPC, high core/thread count, and solid prices. I think a lot of people are going to buy these right out of the gate.

Just hurry up and sell them already!!!

I don't think that anyone is wanting to wait two more weeks to get their hands on these things. We are tired of waiting.

If this is out before i pull the trigger on my current part list and they announce sexy mobos, I'm definitely picking Ryzen up.



asus has a some very sexy boards for Ryzen.

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It will literally by out in 2 weeks. I don't see why you would buy anything right now.


Quite frankly im sick of waiting. Ive been waiting for like 6 months to build this thing. Next week I'll have all the money in hand and it'll be really hard to show some restraint.

I wish we got definitive proof of its awesomeness leaked so i could just scrap everything and have something to do (plan) while i wait for the launch.


Reviews should be here in 11 days. Go ahead and buy something now, but you will be very sorry that you did the next week.

11 DAYS!!!?

cries in spanish

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Rumors say reviews on Feb 28th and available in stores March 2nd. So yeah.

Would it be smart (or the opposite) to start buying peripherals now? Mouse pads, Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor etc?

Are you in the US? Because you should be able to pick up the mobo and cpu from a Microcenter or Frys or something on March 2nd. So you could have everything waiting on the cpu and mobo nad grab those as soon as they are available.

I do live in the US, and only like 12 minutes away from a microcenter. Sounds like my time to shine!

Oh, all ram is compatible right? DDR4 3000 mghz? And m.2?
If Ryzen falls through I'd like to at least be able to redirect over to 7700k easy.

If all of the above is a GO, ill be ordering all my side parts this week and waiting an extra week for mobo and cpu decisions.

Assuming you pick a mobo that supports 3000mhz ram (I assume all high end AM4 mobos will) and m.2 (again, there should be a lot of options with decent mobos), then yes. You should be able to use the entire system for either a 7700k or a Ryzen cpu. The only thing you would need to change is the mobo and cpu.

Keep in mind though that the i7 has integrated graphics while the Ryzen chips will not. That means that you NEED a gpu of some sort in order to have a useable system. I assume that you will be using a gpu anyway, but I figured I should say it just to be safe.

Title of the video says R5-1600X.
Text title says R7 1600X.

Whats up with that?


Good call on the gpu thing. I thought i read that somewhere.

I was getting 1080 anyhow, but i assume someone wouldnt know this.

Not having intergrated graphics is good because cpu has more open lanes? Whats the purpose of this?

Oh wow. Didnt notice. Either of those being on par with 6800k is still awesome tho. No harm no foul?

It is cheaper to make the cpu if they aren't putting that in there. The less that is on the chip, the cheaper it is to make. Imagine a car manufacturer making a car without a back seat. IF the target audience doesn't plan on using it, then there is no point in paying to produce it. AMD has split their CPUs into two segments. One focuses on CPU performance (the Summit Ridge chips now and the FX line in the past) and the APUs which have really good iGPU performance. You can get a really cheap gpu for like $30 if you need to, but for most people that are planning on getting these chips, they wouldn't use it anyway since they are getting either a gaming gpu or a pro gpu.

Yeah i mean is it the 1600X or the 1800X.
I mean thats a significant diffrence based up on some of the rumored prices.
However everything is still under NDA, so most leaks should be taken with a grain of salt.
But if the 6 core 12 threads 1600X unit is on par with a 6800K for less then $300,-.
Then that would be massive.

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