LDAC linux audio driver on windows via WSL?

Hello all, I made a previous post about how even though MS promised AAC on win 10 21h2, and in spite it being promoted as working on the insider builds, AAC was missing from the shipped update. Unfortunately, my BT headphones just don’t sound the same when listening via SBC. See: Anyone know whats going on with win 10 and BT AAC support in windows? Not in 2H21 update?

However, I do know WSL is a new feature in windows and that LDAC is supported on ubuntu, but also that WSL is headless. Is there a way to get that driver to pass through to the windows Spotify client? Or is there a way to run Spotify through the ubuntu install even though there is no GUI? Or would it be better to just open up a hyper V or VirtualBox Linux install with like 1T and 2GB of memory to just stream LDAC?

This is the tutorial I was looking at.

What do you guys think? Is it possible?

For reference, My Haswell desktop is on win 10 21H2 and my BT device is USB-BT500||ASUS USA

Update: I had a spare Thinkpad lying around, and after some tinkering, I was able to Zorin os core 16 (based on Ubuntu LTS). After that, I was able to install pipewire and that pushed LDAC to my headphones no issue.

Before this, I did try WSL and installing pipewire on the WSL Ubuntu install, but I kept getting repository errors. When upgrading from wsl 1 to 2, it didn’t change this behavior. It just kept giving errors when i tried installing pipe wire. Additionally, Spotify wouldn’t install.

I did also try Hyper V and Virtual Box, but hyper V wouldn’t let BT work, and Virtual Box had the linux install freeze after about 5 minutes into the initial session, then about 30 seconds into each sequential session.