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Lawnmower thread. Ride on and push


Ride on lawnmowers are cool.....especially when your married and driving a mini-van:)
The push job was 99 bucks a decade ago. It was also 99 bucks about 40 years ago. Briggs and Stratton, the only technology older then piledriver:)


The riding lawn mower has a place for my beer...... we have a winner!!!



Robot lawn mower anyone?

@IndyDetour I think we have a winner!


Lawnmower? Pffff! I have a lawn service that does all the yard work plus I have central air and I only pay $750 in rent. LOLawnmower.


Do they actually exist now? I saw them at Disney World a long time ago.


I have one and it is doing a great job.


I'd want one with a camera that not only detects but differentiates between different obstructions, so for example if it sees a hedgehog or something, it'll go around it, and if it sees a cat I could mount a water sprayer to it to spray the cat with water to tell it to get out of the way... or if it's a dog, it could just ignore it!

When I get home if I remember and can be bothered I'll take a pic of the mower that gets mounted on the back of the smol tratter maybe


Took this pic 2 years ago


The spring tensioner broke so I fixed it with vice grips and a screwdriver till I can get a new spring
The screw drive is jammed inside to apply tension


Query: Was this was supposed to be funny?


LOL.....we have one of these....

Bought it a few months ago for $200, sharpened the blades, changed the oil and filter, fresh gas, new spark plug and air filter, cuts like a champ.

New mowers are really something you need to research before buying, junk Kohler Courage motors that self destruct, electric PTOs that fail prematurely, hydrostatic drives that you can't push or pull much less pull a heavy wagon around, mower decks with no grease fittings, lots of high failure items on a mower that is only a few years old, I prefer to buy used, and rehab the mower.

Push mowers....we have two of these,

One is just like this bought new this year, the other is 8 years old, still starts on the 2nd pull but the deck is rotting away....both were bought on sale for around $120 each.

You can't talk about lawn care without mentioning string trimmers.....use to have a Echo that lasted for about 12 years, wife bought a Yardman that is a POS, but we this year bought one of these....

We have a lot of Dewalt 20v tools and this trimmer is great....quiet also.


That moment when a lawn mower is more expensive than your car.


There was an attempt


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Two kick ass lawn mowers using very different tech..

The totally electric Raven (has gas motor that turns a generator, blades and transmission are electric powered, remove the mower and it's a quad that runs around 17 mph, also has a power inverter built in so can be a mobile 120v generator.

And the Ventrec all wheel drive articulated mower, has a gas or diesel that runs a hydraulic pump that powers everything.


comes waltzing into this thread



we used to have one of these

lasted about 30 years. Still had more power than any rider today.


Forget using a lawnmower!


I have too, the lawn service!!! but early when I was 30 old age, I use my lawn mover constantly, coz my yard has the property to overgrow very quickly.look at this funny video, it’s for sure about me and my yard :sweat_smile: I buy Honda like this but I don’t remember the model of it. At first, I remember it was very difficult to keep in my hands but then I got used to it

I advise a ride-on without doubt :grin: