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Lawnmower thread. Ride on and push


What a waste of a thread, nobody posted this video yet:


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::+1::+1: very funny)))


Here’s my baby. I think I may take it in to have the blades sharpened this year.


cup holder?
I mounted a 12 volt battery case in front of the seat that holds a six pack

an acre and a half of lawn and hedges to keep trimmed (some day i’ll trim the damn things with a bulldozer :smiling_imp:


also have one of these ( an older version) that Im gonna make a mower deck for to use a blade.
be mounting float wheels to control height of cut


What in tarnation is that?

It looks like a weed wacker.


basically a very heavy duty one, it will actually cut small saplings easily
you dont have to carry it