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So am I xD - Canada here.

Wowowow damn you are awesome. If I wasn't stuck in Quebec you can be sure I would have been there !! Maybe next time !!!

No u

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Petition to move it to Texas. It's a more central location.

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Kansas City has pretty much been decided on. Maybe a later event can be Texas.


I feel you guys are trying to build pentagram on us map...

Looks like great work...I am too far away to to take part but it is really nice to see such events...Well done!

I wish i could afford the travel cost from Germany.


Don't want to pander to the lowest denominator? Why was I allowed to buy a ticket?

I'll be there next time. Can't wait to play with you guys again.

I miss the embrace of your hands around my neck.

Those flaps were delicious btw. 10/8 would drink with hot chocolate and coffee again.

how about AU

Indeed - or pass the TSA, as I guess I am at some lists just for knowing the wrong (right) people

What game was this? Logan mentioned its name really fast but I didn't quite understand all the syllables :)




Edit: Damn, @Logan beat me.

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Xonotic... the one time I can say I won something.


To quote myself, "bam done"

I just have one question for charlie.
Did you like the tables?

Still a little expensive

If you can find me a venue, and a AU Business that will partner with us, I'll look into it. Won't make any promises.

Awesome footage.

I obviously missed allot.

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