Lan Syndicate: The Community, The Network, The Epic Weekend | Tek Syndicate

Check out our epic footage from Lan Syndicate.

Logan here. Lan Syndicate was Seattle's biggest Lan Party. It was epic seeing everyone there. This is why we started Tek Syndicate. It's all about getting awesome people together to share ideas, have some fun, play some games, and learn.

This is our micro-documentary from the event. We might upload some additional footage... especially of the banana throwing contest. Let us know what you think.

Thanks to EVGA for sponsoring, giving us several items to give away, and running a Doom tournament. Linksys was awesome and came through with the table switches and some routers as a give away.

Also, thanks to Deep Cool, Cooler Master, Fractal Design, Gigabyte, Creative, OCZ, Patriot Memory, and Mayflower Electronics for throwing in some more items to give away.

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It was a great event with great people. Everyone was old friends within minutes


Thank you guys for putting this on, I know it wasn't easy but you guys pulled it off perfectly. Most fun I've had a long time, glad I could make. And hopefully more are to come in the future!

Also thank you @Yoinkerman for letting me have a place to sleep for a night. It confirms my belief about how great our community is.


Epic event all around!

Cant wait for the next one to see everyone again.

May need to update my avatar.


TFW you get your first augmentation.

First aug/mod/piercing.

Good times.

Your wishes were granted.


This event needs more bananas................


Wish I could have made this year, looks like it went off pretty well. Hope you guys are able to do another one so I have another chance to make it.

Wish I could have made it out - sadly work denied me. Totally next time.

...sadly I'm in a different country.

It's great to know that things went well, I'd like to see more videos since I wasn't there.

haha rad.

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oh man, so sad i missed it! maybe for the next one ill be able to go there from wherever im at!

congratulations to The team and the community for making this happen!

Wish there was a Lan Syndicate New Zealand...

even just OZ that be a lot closer for you

It'd still cost a lot :/

Ooooh... So sexy. I wish I could of been there to fondle @DeusQain 's network.
"Yeah baby, here is my long CAT5 cable for you to slip it in. You know you want it."

I miss LAN parties, but I am not that good at gaming and I got tired of dragging my PC to an event only to have my ass get kicked all day. I love gaming even though I suck. LAN Syndicate would be different and better however. Because of our awesome and interesting community there would be much more to do besides gaming.

Hopefully next time I am not so broke.

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