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L1T Discord Change To Matrix/Riot



According to For small deployments (<50 active users) around 512MB of RAM is probably okay.

So it’s not like crazy expensive, for the 400 users that are on the L1T discord right now.

4GB ram :slight_smile: , i’ll gladly sponsor the ram. upto 1600 users. Which is 4 times as many, right now


OP, There’s still the IRC channel on efnet. Discord is an alternative and seems like is more suited for the streaming/gaming audience. L1T is not just linux and FOSS, and a large chunk of people here are gamers and tech enthusiasts that watch PGP’s gaming sessions on twitch.

Now both sides stop flaming and install both programs! matrix is awesome, discord is awesome too. On top of that, you are all still allowed to launch weechat, irssi, quassel and come chat to the IRC as well!


Eeew god its sticky in here wtf.

Never heard of matrix. Is it self hosted? I’m all for that ownership and control.



what does this mean


Javascript issue?


Seems possible for self hosting :slight_smile:


another one for the collection it seems, I see the comparisons to discord now



I know it’s an old thread but where is the community discord link?


I’ve not been super active on it recently. Some good chats though. Let me know if you need anything


thanks. I’ve had some trouble with people bleeding over into the TPP discord from here, wondering what the differences are with the way you guys do things and how to adapt to the growing audience’s behavior.