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L1T Discord Change To Matrix/Riot



L1T supports use of the Linux platform, yet uses and promotes discord when there are FREE open source equivalent’s like /riot.

This should not even be a topic. Is the community shift over to possible?

It’s free, open source, supports emojis, calls, texts, encryption(if needed) etc.


You can use discord on Linux, an open source alternative is irrelevant because discord is better than any other platform currently available.


I believe the discord channel is fan made and it’s more for users of Discord not like a ptomotion like: find us on discord.


It was originally made by a moderator (Eden) after the lounge imploded on itself last July and was supposed to remove some of the shitposting which it did, but then after tekxit it was adopted as the official discord because everyone was already there.


Discord seems to be fan-made, though popularity doesn’t arise by itself, you have to actually use it to make it popular and it should start with the users, not with Warner Bro’s and co, sponsored popularity.

Maybe @Eden then, would be interested in the change. If not it was still worth mentioning


Meh, Matrix and Wire are better for text and voice. Discord is really starting to get bloated.


in what way?


Bunch of unnecessary features. The video stuff is ok but the rest to the stuff added in the past year isn’t needed.


It would perhaps make sense to point out that just because a certain piece of software is proprietary does not mean it is bad. By the same token, just because another program is free and open source does not make it inherently good or better than programs that are not.

Many of us here like Linux because for many applications it can provide as good or better performance than alternatives at a vastly reduced cost, but (hopefully) most of us understand that for many other applications Windows and/or MacOS are just better.

Please don’t try to insinuate that simply by supporting the use of the Linux platform, we are somehow unconditionally obliged to use and promote free and open-source alternatives to anything else we can lay our hands on. It’s disingenuous and attempts to paint this community as something it was never intended to be. This is not the church of Richard M. Stallman where anything not licensed under the GPL is evil. If we see that a certain program or platform is currently the best one for the task at hand, that is what we will recommend and support.


From what I see they added this year so far:

More advanced search for messages, groups, friends etc.
More hotkeys
Server moderation tools
Audit logs
Logout button
Notification support
API improvements for bots
Group call interface
Saving images now allows you to change the name
Video calling and screen sharing

I think these changes are pretty important. And I feel like Matrix will become just like that if it will become more popular.

I like the idea, except that there is so many clients now.
But I can’t help but wonder how this project will keep itself together and not fall apart from some internal drama. Sure it happens to a proprietary software teams, but it’s far more common with open source teams


No one is saying discord is bad, because of it being proprietary. Yet, when open source alternatives work aswell as discord then yes. They are actually better. Why? Because you can actually open it! Look inside it, change it. An actual freedom, giving and promoting program! It promotes YOU and even respects you <3

What do you mean in a STALLMAN way? No, as in i can think for myself and would like to see, what this program is doing, may i? Call it a sensual stallman, if you can’t handle it, without the stallman lable.

Neither, is anyone saying that any users are obliged to do this or that, just because they use Linux. It’s a mentality thing like, (us vs they) like many users are saying to watch ads to support their favorite creators, as if there are CERTAINLY NOT other ways to support their creators. (There are much better ways, to do so. Patreon just to name one out of many)

By supporting ads for example, to make anyone think they support their creators is simply not entirely true. They actually support Google and it’s monopoly in marketing etc. Because creators get their money from google and their ads, not by you watching an ad and then the creators magically cash in on that. It does not work that way.


To be fair it would be nice to switch anyway.

My brothers friend Weston: Vice President of Cyber Security club and university esports team, reached out to the folks at Discord because they were going to a registered non-profit esports team and wanted to be sponsored by Discord.

They went through all the legal hoops and sent Discord a nice formal letter but instead of getting a response, Discord sent them an email with a meme going 'Lol no".

That’s the kind of folks that made Discord. Bunch of rude ass fuckers.

Even though the software is great, I don’t want to support jerks.


People still use Discord?

I joined Eden’s Discord in the midst of the whole Texit thing to keep up-to-date, but it became a ghost town soon after the official split (or maybe people were in one of the other rooms, there’s way too many of those) so I eventually uninstalled it.

TBH I’m all in favor of switching to an open-source alternative. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about Discord always rubbed me the wrong way.


That is exactly what this is about. Not supporting jerks, that don’t even care about anything other than what is the popular meme or whatever.

Had some bitcoins for a while and wanted to cash out, the service was “unavailable” and they simply couldn’t handle the pressure. Everyone simply wanted to cash out at the same time.

YET, Coinbase had the time to go out on twitter and other social platforms to promote LGBT, when their own service was unavailable. What a joke :smiley:

In closing: Let’s care about ourselves, not companies. Let’s make the switch. Doesn’t have to be, there are even more alternatives at this time. Also here is a screenshot showing what default permissions discord runs with:


Google does provide the PaaS and the free marketing, so it makes sense that get some of the revenue from those who watch ads.

It’s the same as I were to go rent a stall at the local flea market.


Possibly, though the difference between cost/effective/price internet and local markets are very different.

Say you go somewhere local and rent something. The price of the rent, goes to a lot more than mere adverts for the market.

Google on the other hand, is digital. Only at the cost of bandwith, therefore can take a giant cut of it. Even if that cut is small, compared to local market’s its gigantic, because it’s far reaching grasp.


Would like to create a L1T room, though it’s probably better that someone at L1T team does it instead. To make it official and whatnot. So @wendell can you create a room, with your own preferred open-source alternative to discord?


@Eden was toying around with Riot at the end of last year. Discord’s miles ahead in terms of features, and the majority of gamers have it now, so there’s no real reason to swap over.

I’d argue that Riot is more suited as a Skype replacement, rather than a large community chat.


If this were the case, you would not have started this thread. But you decided to start one, and with the words “L1T supports use of the Linux Platform, yet uses and promotes Discord when there are FREE open souce equivalents”. What is this if not a pointed finger? It seems to me like an accusation of committing a double standard, when I see no double standard to be made.

“This should not even be a topic. Is the community shift over to possible?”

I don’t see why it isn’t possible, but I also don’t see why it should be done just because you think it should. Sure, if the community as a whole evaluates it and determines it to be a better platform, great! Maybe that’s something we’ll adopt. But it should not happen on the grounds that it gratifies your perception of what our standards for software should be.

The “Us vs. Them” mentality is a toxic way of thinking that turns communities into copies of /g/. Let people use whatever software works best for them. Don’t use your preferences for software as a stick to beat people with.


This forum and Discord support 1 thing I find invaluable.

Direct paste images into chat from clipboard. No more saving then uploading.

Anything that doesn’t support that is far less valuable in my eyes.

I’m honestly curious what these are because all I got is “gaming.”

Here, let me help with that. If you open Discord App, then press Ctrl+Shift+I, the Chrome inspector will open.

This is because the Discord app is essentially just a web browser reskinned and highly modified. It’s a high quality modification, but it’s odd imo.