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L1T Discord Change To Matrix/Riot



While I would love to not use dicord because the company is run by immature imbociles, all of my contacts use it. I would otherwise be on irc.


I find this stance odd.

While I get wanting to not interact with jerks, actively not using otherwise good software because the people who made it are jerks seems a bit… vindictive?

If it is good software, who cares who makes it? Linus Torvalds can be a bit of a dick when his standards aren’t met, but I don’t even consider that when I ask myself if I should use Linux or not. It’s all about the software’s quality.


For matrix, we already have an unofficial room

I’ve had it up for a while when ive been testing it out and playing around with it. You’re free to join and use it.

Matrix plan grouped rooms/channels etc. at some point (similar functionality to discord), the gap is closing, though discord is a bit more polished. matrix/riot is a lot more flexible.


Well because there are way too many options and it is difficult to migrate people.


I’m just pissed that I lost an account and that they wouldn’t do anything tohelp me at all. Just because windows is “good software” doesn’t mean I’ll use it. You smack the spoiled screaming kid on the ass and lock them in the car, not take them on a shopping spree in the store.


Yes. It is possible. Just not practical. At all.


Thats part of the point of matrix. its bridges a lot of communication protocols. Want to be on IRC cause “reasons” you can and still talk to matrix for example.


Your analysis of the text, says more about you then it does about me. Pointed finger is how you decide to describe it? At that point, you’re simply wrong. Because you are looking for someone to “blame” For something non-existant. You’re basically conjuring up my opinions for me and then refuting it. Why would you even do that. I wrote what i wrote in the moment i did it and that’s how it was formulated. So what? I back it up with use of facts, that’s far away from pointing fingers.

Guilt tripping is very socially acceptable, though a misery to live in. Rather analyze that instead, would you do more good overall.

Because i think it should? I don’t think it, i write it and back my writings with facts (Thinking). Again read the text above this one.

I do not need you to adopt anything. I’m asking (Recommending) @wendell to do so. Nothing about you or your “us” Just that you, a third time read the text, 2 texts above this one.

Am i actively stopping anyone in using any software at all? No, so again. The pointy finger you’re babbling on about, is coming from you, not me. A recommendation, is not dictation. Especially when it’s not even for you! You are not the sum of the community, even if you do have more likes then me :slight_smile: Again read the text 3 texts above this one, analyze it for good and be more free of guilt in general.

If you were interested in a discussion, you would simply pm about the topic.


This should not even be a topic



Talking about, taking something at face value :slight_smile:

This is turning into reddit faster than Swartz could hang himself. There you go, more to quote.

Btw: It was meant in a head-slapping way.


How about people chill!

topics can be discussed without having a go at each other over whats not even with having a go at each other over. We’re all here for similar reasons after-all.


Can we stay on topic, guilt free?

No need to bring out any kind of weapons, including pointy and quoty fingers. Especially ones that are edited to suit, needs. Not fair.


Discord is an electron app.

The main reason why is because they made it as a web SPA, then dumped it into electron so it could have native IO access, which is otherwise restricted from web pages. This improves its ability to use the mic and auto detect stuff.


Yeah, I’m sure the person who manages their social media accounts would’ve been of crucial importance had they been fixing the servers instead instead.


Alright guys chill and go make some tea. Then come back.

We were actually having a decent discussion here, lets keep it that way.


Their investors have me uneasy. Really Like with matrix and wire that you can host your own server on your hardware.


My two cents. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I use discord daily, I’m in a bunch of different communities including the level1 channel. I mostly lurk but I’m I still check it out. If level1 was to switch to matrix or some other alternative I probably wouldn’t ever use it simply because I use discord already. Sure it’s a cool concept but the whole point of discord is to grow the community and I’m not sure that switching platforms would benefit that.


I have a spare pi3 i would gladly send, to the L1T team, to make use of as the open source server. Would be that much better with L1T team, making it official though and take it out of the users hands, so everyone would be free of each others baggage :grinning:


Wouldn’t be powerful enough.


I wonder if Matrix have permission to use Star Trek property in their advertising.