L1T at the Movies Database (with spoilers)

I have noticed a lot of movie critique and discussion threads in the forum.
This is an attempt to consolidate those threads into a place to talk about our love of movies.
I love movies more than gaming. I don't game to win, I game to star in a movie that I control.

If a Level1Techs member is bored and doesn't know what to watch, we can come here to get a few ideas.

New movies, Old movies, Film making, Special effects, Motion picture camera tech, that kind of stuff.

Please limit posts to movies you have seen and old movies are totally OK.
I ask that you include a movie poster or some kind of picture.
A rating from 1 to 10 would be nice. Feel free to give your own rating to movies that others post.
Made for TV movies are permitted, but TV programs are not.
Spoilers are permitted, but try not to spoil the plot completely.

Please no inappropriate NSFW movies like porn or snuff. Obviously.

Please share your love of movies and the movies you love with the rest of us.


example format

The Great Wall (2016) - 7/10

I thought this was going to stink because it didn't really have great reviews. It was a little ludicrous and historically inaccurate. Who believes that a mythological fantasy is history? These were many times I found myself thinking 'This is silly but it's so F'ing cool that I don't mind.' The cinematography and action was epic. And the colors, OMG the colorfulness was beautiful.
I really enjoyed it. Film = 7/10. Fun = 9/10.

This is a Chinese monster movie about an ancient legend. I was thinking "of course the Chinese have their tales like Bigfoot or Chuchacabra." I want to see more films like this.

Galaxina (1980) - 2/10

Quite possibly the worst movie that I have ever seen. A real stinker. The filmmaker was aiming for terribly bad and nailed it. The only reason I watched whole thing was out of morbid curiosity of just how bad can this get. The only thing funny about it was how lame it was.

A parody of Alien, Star Trek, Star Wars and a few other space movies.

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Avalon (2001) - 9/10

A cyberpunk video game mystery. Written and filmed in Poland by a Japanese production company with an Italian soundtrack and English subtitles. Very stylish and gritty sci-fi. I loved the muted sepia film color. It was still a color movie but toned down and certain things were bright, like the computer screens.

Ash is the worlds best Avalon player. Avalon is an illegal game like Battlefield VR. It was hard to pin down in that it looked like WWII but there were some future tech mixed in. There is a danger if you spend too much time in game you may get brain damage and become one of the 'Unreturned'. She learns of a new player that may be better than her and tries to find him IRL.


Galaxina ! 80's cult movies :slight_smile:

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I will have to look for Starcrash. Thanks!

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One more 80's cult movie...

North Koreans think Kim Jung Il was born of the ice mages in the Tibet mountains and that he descended upon the country in 1960's TV style on the back of a horse.

What the hell does this have to do with movies? Oh, I guess you are into North Korean propaganda. Give us an IMDb link :wink:

This was a hilariously terrible Turkish propaganda movie against Iraq and America. Billy Zane is a rotten actor playing a corrupt American General stereotype. So bad, it's nowhere close to good but interesting to see how much of the world hates America

I think they actually believe he was birthed from their sacred mountain.

Really liked Appleseed, and then Appleseed α is a prequel to the original. Really helps tie everything together.


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Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans. documentary (2015) - 9/10

I don't care much for his movie 'Le Mans'. This documentary explains why. He spent $7.5 million to make a movie with no script. Le Mans is one of the most brilliant racing movies of all time, but there was no story until the studio took the over budget pet project away from him. I found the story of McQueen the man and the making of his masterpiece, far more interesting than the movie he made about his love of racing.

An interesting bit of trivia is the filming of the cars racing at 220 MPH was all real.
One of the drivers interviewed said "The making of the movie was far more dangerous than the race."

Thank you for contributing to our thread.

I really enjoyed Appleseed Alpha. Awesome story, action and CGI.

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you're welcome! Glad to help.

I just watched it again on my 4k tv and it is even better than I remember. The CGI was glorious.

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8.5/10 - Came out in my more rebellious youth. Loved the movie and music. Played the soundtrack a lot. I still love the sound track. Im due to watch the movie again :slight_smile:

Gabriel (2007)

In the war between heaven and hell, Gabriel is the last Archangel left. All others have gone to Earth and never returned. Darkness have shrouded the Earth, so nobody knows what is going on.
The movie is basically interpretation on the bible and the battle between good and evil with some really nice twist at the end. I watched it twice. It's not a lighthearted movie. Not by a long shot, but I really like the styling end everything.
If you don't mind dark and heavy movies - I rate this 9/10.

Equilibrium (2002)

Massive flop.
Don't remember much about it, but that is Christian Bale before he was Batman. Basically the entire world takes medicine to suppress their feelings and emotions, Christian Bale joins the resistance, who does not take the medicine and we have a beautiful scene, where Mona Lisa have been burned out, so it doesn't cause any emotions...
It is really nice movie. It have been branded as being Matrix clone, and they could have done some things to escape this, but then they used this as the official movie poster:

Yeah. And this one is also not lighthearted.
Again, if you don't mind heavy dark movies - 9/10.

Man, what is with me and heavy cinema...


Equilibrium, I really liked that one!


That made me think of this.

Renaissance (2006) - 7/10

This French film is done in a very stylish black and white animation. The movie reminds me a little bit of Blade Runner but set in Paris. It is more style than substance but it is still really cool.

I have an idea for someone, who have free time.
We had a thread about graphics cards benchmark scores.
May I suggest we do the same with this thread as well?
We make a large database with all suggested movies in the thread, when people watch the movie they go to that database and give their own score.
People will suggest more movies, the others will watch them and score them.

I don't know how easy or complex a database, that everyone can change is to make and implement it the forum though, so I can just talk poop right now.
But it's a neat idea. We may have discussions afterwards about the movies...

It's already in there. Thanks for the idea. I will edit to make it more clear.