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Could be. I remember for a little while they were doing 3cyl turbo, but I’m not a big mini person. In fact, quite the opposite.


… you’re a mini big person?


Friend of mine sold his for scrap after the transmission went kaput. They are too expensive to repair/replace apparently.


I just dislike mini. They’re fun, but I think they’re ugly as sin, also I dislike BMW (and subsidiaries) on principle.


I would consider minis if they brought back the old Austin style, making for a tiny, cheap, lightweight car with stupid-high gas mileage and an AWD option. Unfortunately this will never happen because BMW is making minis for a market where 1/3 of the population wouldn’t even fit in the classic body anymore.

They can hardly be called minis anymore.


V-Tec mini.


Not to mention those old minis probably couldn’t even pass 1980’s safety standards


That’s what Kentucky is for


Explain yourself.


Well if those newer Mini’s just were not such a piece of unreliable garbage made by BMW and PSA.
Then they would have been pretty cool to drive.
You could be one and be lucky, but the 1.6THP engine isnt really great.


The black 2.5RS ain’t gonna work out. Didn’t even have a chance to walk away, the address I was given was more or less a dud, couldn’t actually find the place (despite where Google said it was) and calling to confirm where it was yielded no reply whatsoever. Oh well. On to look for different options.



That’s no fun.


There are plenty for sale i guess.
Otherwise there are also other options.
Unless you specificlly want a Subaru.


unfortunately the kind of car I’m looking for falls under the “white elephant” of Subarus - a blobeye impreza sedan with a manual transmission. I can find tons of cars that are three of those things.

I do have a lead on a WRX that looks like it might be decent, but I’d have to pony up extra cash for it, which I’m on the fence on at the moment. Depends on how much I can negotiate the price. The description of the car is light years ahead of the last one, though, and I have plans to be in that neck of the woods on the weekend anyway, so that’s cool, I guess. Main point of concern is the mileage and that it’s a front end rebuild and therefore has a rebuilt title (it says). Again, we’ll see.

Here’s the listing if anybody wants a gander.


Man that’s ridiculous. I hate it when people completely waste my time like that. What an asshole.


Meh, it’s fine. Got me out of the house after work I guess. I had a feeling it was gonna go that way. 2/3 of the time the dude never responded to calls or texts anyway. I went in kinda expecting it was gonna be a dead end.


Ahh. I might have miss understood. I thought he/she was being a Troll IRL. Which would be absolutely unacceptable. I often travel to get cars, so I was imagining a worst case scenario.


Yeah they are definitelly cool.
But yeah finding the right one can be hard sometimes.


BMW is interesting. They command a hell of a price for something that’s really not that great. You sure don’t get a good interior until you hit the 6/7 series, and moreover, there’s nothing except the iconic grill that separates a 3 series from a Honda accord.

They make good engines, but they are pretty miserable to drive and they really don’t produce the “ultimate driving machine.” that title belongs squarely with Mazda for the 4th Gen mx5.

I know it’s all opinion, so I completely understand that you disagree with me, but that’s just how I feel.

For the record, the old stuff (e30 Era) is awesome


Salvage title will knock off anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 off of an equivalent non-salvage title car.