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Looks like the impreza got knocked down a couple hundred bucks. On one hand, woop woop, but on the other, red flag. Tomorrow oughta be fun.


Well nothing is as a expensive as buying a cheap impreza turbo.


It’s NA.


Ah then its fine. :slight_smile:
Most of the time wenn those STi’s or WRX’s are selling for cheap,
then there are some costlly things wrong with it.
But with an NA, there isnt really that much that could go wrong.


EJ25s have head gasket issues after around 100-120k miles. This one’s sitting at 170k so either they’ve been replaced, are on the verge of failing, or Subaru was paying uncommon attention to that one. Or it just got lucky.

There are a few cheap Impreza wagons around the state with auto trans, one just down the road from me going for $600 because it has a head gasket leak. I’d have bought it if it weren’t a wagon.


Yeah i read about that aswell.
But its probablly also a matter of how well its cared for and threated.
If its maintained well, and the owner allways drive it calm to warm up well.
Then you might not even have problems with the head gasket.


Two words. Fluid film


Or don’t fix all the gasket leaks on the engine and trans…lol.
I bought a gallon of fluid film awhile ago and have yet to use it…bang my head…
From my understanding fluid film is 100% lanolin, which is oil from sheeps wool. Would make a good soap base.


… So much Subaru talk. Guess I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a cheap one that needs work, so I can join in on these conversations.

Edit: Unfortunately all I’m finding is autos and mostly beat to crap cars.

This looks weird, and is that a flat 6? I can look it up tomorrow.

I like this one. It looks flippable if they’d take less the 500.


Subaru SVXs are awesome. And yes, that’s a six cylinder boxer engine. It was based off of the EJ22 and produced about 230 hp.


It’s hard to find a 90s/00s subie in more-than-just-pretty-alright condition these days that isn’t thousands and thousands of dollars.

Dat flat-6 doe… that being said it is a mess.


Welp, looks like the civic has a cracked exhaust manifold… wheeee, and civics use a cat/header combo, which makes replacements $400+ (unless you trust the $80-120 ones on amazon and ebay…?)

I hear that the 7th gen civics use stamped steel manifolds instead of cast iron. Can anyone here confirm this? I’d much rather get it welded than replaced. The shop JB-Welded it to pass inspection, but who knows how long that’ll last.



In other news, I’m heading to the dealer today to try and pick up a mini


Those are cool IMO. What year?


If they still have it, and I can get the right deal it’ll be a 15. A tad late for the fun speedometer in the middle of the dash, but the one I’m looking at has it replaced with one of those touchscreen centers. as the ad states: “loaded”.



I doubt you get both the power and the MPG, but as far as I’m concerned that’s a win either way.


It’s a 3cyl turbo. Of course you probably only get 35mpg highway, but it’s still pretty damn good.


Both are factory turbocharged.


Yeah, a mini is basically just that with leather seats.


I was under the impression they were supercharged 4 cylinders.

Edit: Ahh, the 05 Mini S was set up that way.