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Yep, couldn’t disagree more. Honda Accord is a cardboard box on wheels compared to a 3 series.

But car brands is like religion so :grinning:


It’s already pricrd accordingly. @KemoKa73 get the accessport with the car also get them to plug it in on your test drive and use it to watch for feedback knock detection. Anything over 2 is an issue.


How do? Also I’m already reaching the upper limits of my budget as is. if i can get the guy to knock off a couple hundred depending on the body condition or something then maybe.


Well it’s modified so you need the accessport for a tune (I don’t think you can delink the accessport without it going back to stock tune) … And there’s a menu you can go into to select which paramater(s) you want to actively monitor.


I’ll see what I can do. A laptop or two sold online will easily make up for it, so that’s a possibility.


If you want decent power for next to nothing look at this Fujitsu laptops on eBay.
Here’s a couple from a quick search (I didn’t read the description).

Also those are Wacom pens, so you can draw on them.


I meant me selling my laptops. I have a couple worth a fair amount, so I’m putting them up. I just went to a T430, onto which I just installed a classic keyboard, that’ll be my new daily driver.


Ahh, that makes more sense.


Bada-bing bada-boat

2 layers done. Hope to get the final in this evening or tomorrow. Then onto the stringers.


Wow, I learned so much from this video. I feel like I need to design a jet now haha.


We were discussing an AWD Morris Mini yesterday - Found this series. The humor is an absolute riot.


He’s annoying.


I thought the same thing. Seems like he’s trying too hard to me, but he keeps doing videos I’m interested in, so I’ve just accepted it ¯_(ツ)_/¯.
Donut Media as a whole does a great job packing all the important bits in too short videos.


Saw the same WRX 4 times today and we stopped at the same gas station…


Saw this the other day. The reason Miata’s are the best.


I saw that too.
Subaru popup conversion INTENSIFIESSSSS

lmao no.


Full video:


And so my carburated hell begins. I dont really know what is going on. I took things apart. Gotta look some stuff up to figure out what I am doing. The intake manifold boots needed replaced, so why not clean the carbs while I am at it. I think I have got the sync figured out. Turn the jets the same, make sure the throttlebodies? (The plate the spins when you twist the throttle) are all lined up. I think there might be a tool of sorts for that one. Eh, tomorrow problems. And then there is a sort of connecting rod that binds all 4 together so choke/throttle on one does all of them.

And yes. Two hammer were necessary. Dont question me.