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Got federal loans?:joy:


Of course. It’s par for the course. It’s what we should use government for. Monumental projects industry cant do. It shouldn’t be a parallel to industry since competition inside gov is a fallacy

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Honestly this is way less bad as I thought it would be

This will give me the ability to charge at ANY charger

EVs and Starship are giving me hope that we will get passed what’s about to be a tough time

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My new 38 year old car,
Not great, not terrible.


oh dang, you can do sheet metal work?

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I guess by now I could say yes.
Kind of a requirement when wanting to own nice old cars here.
Also I hate plastic / filler.

Self-taught, my cheap tiny welder and fluxcore wire has never let me down.
I can shape and weld (sheet) metal. But removing dents is still something I need to get better at.

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Honestly I have only charged once not at home so far and that was because it was free for 3 years with the car. So you could probably live without adapters.

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Thats probably true. How much do you get out and about? Travel? road trips are all going to add variability to this. For me a 400+ mi road trip probably happens more than 4 to 5 times a year. Not sure if I will need the adapters for that

I just take the XC40 for longer trips, rather not spend time charging when I could be driving. But Tesla network is pretty good and you prob would only need the one adapter if you really needed one. But if its only a few times a year might be worth considering renting for those trips too

Im like 2k miles in so far on the EV

So the thing I pre-ordered if it makes it to production, we’re looking at a thousand miles range. I’ve posted it before. I think they’re the ones with the best shot to make it to production, but I also realize that 90% of startups fail

With that kind of range it may not need to charge until charging overnight anyways so I could drive where I would otherwise be charging

So I may not need to invest in the adapters but I feel like they would be cheap insurance. I mean we were talking to what 600 bucks?

With enough cargo for a trip that is that far away?

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Oh yeah. They literally have a tent extension for the vehicle stock because of the sheer amount of space in the back. I had more than my focus which tbch is all I’ve needed for 1000+ mile trips that I’ve done before in it.

I’m not a heavy traveler though. When I went on DOD trips particularly classified ones I had a back pack. A change of clothes I could laundry out for 25 cents a load. A set of clothes for needed occasions and that’s it. Other than of course means of self defense :grin:


Yeah, older cars weren’t rust proofed like they do 'em now. I’m supposed to be restoring an “old” jag and did a decent amount of reconstruction with just a mig welder:


That is a nice job!
Is that steel so thick or does it only look very thick?

Also I like to recommend spraying an ML intercoating (wax based) when all is done.
It works wonders.

If memory serves me the steel was 18ga, it looks thicker than it really is because the cutoff wheel left a burr on the edges and I didn’t bother to deburr a future butt weld joint.

That gray look in the second picture is weld-thru primer which is supposed to give me some corrosion protection, but moisture shouldn’t be able to get in between the fender and metal wheel liner theoretically. I used a ton of that spray wax in the sills/rockers of the car… which were in far worse shape and had to be completely reconstructed.


It’ll melt back in on itself when welding anyway.



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Well the C4 is back in the shop.:sweat_smile:

Low / rough idle, so probably a fueling issue, idk if it’s a faulty injector, check engine light is periodic which worries me it could be the ecm having issues.

There are days where I trully wonder if your L1 Ryan’s cousin :joy:

That Era motor has a lot of potentials there. Could be vacuum, air sensors, fueling, etc… If it’s fine above 1500rippums you’re probably looking at idle air control issues, which on that motor is vacuum based IIRC.

Intermittent MIL could be a failing sensor, but without reading codes, I’m just shooting in the dark.