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TFW there’s gonna be pirate firmware packages on 1337x a few years from now.

2025 Mercedes-Benz EQE firmware V1.03 + Pre-order DLC + Bonus Content + traction control disable + LE disconnect [FitGirl repack][selective download]


The “you wouldn’t download a car” meme is becoming a reality and I’m all for it


I can’t wait my dude.

Imagine dodging CA emissions by reflashing stock firmware on and needing to put up with worse miles per kwh for the week.

At least some of the cyberpunk predictions are coming true.


You mean you’re not already flashing pre and post smog check?

edit: jkjk we upstanding citizens would never do that

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I’ve got one car registered non-op and another car that’s bone stock except for the wix oil filter.

non-op is non-op because of a damaged wrist pin; I’ve been debating a rebuild or electric swap.

Im waiting for gov to mandate the car snitching on you for speeding and you getting a ticket in the mail.

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That’s the “LE disconnect” feature.

In Europe, they already mandate that cars can be remotely disabled.

no fucking way

Dated: Feb 3 2014

GM fully supports this already, through on-star. My brothers 03 Envoy has it.

I just learned that in addition to gasoline powered vehicles, tesla’s are banned in zone 1 of the NRQZ because of the amount of pollution they create

What’s the Latin translation for, “rip my 2001 and 2003 Toyota’s from my dead hands”? Like all those 2nd amendment and military phrases like to be.

Wow. Holding onto my old girls as I watch obd3 and beyond distopias pan out.

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Molon Labe roughly translates to come and take them

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YouTube algo is a trip. Searched for ported supercharger before and after and this populated

Ok YouTube…

Hoochie for your hooptie.

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Congrats! I hope it serves you a long time!
How’s the firmware/feature/bug fix update situations at the moment?

Ok Volvo software is generally better imo but has come a long way from first gen stuff

The reason I’m asking about the ID.4 software is because they had a TON of issues and the customers have been complaining that there were no updates in a year and a half. There are YT videos about this and articles written. I sincerely hope VW stepped up and started fixing stuff.

side note: people also complain about the Volvo infotainment system…I haven’t used it, so I can’t really comment on which is better.

Picked up a 1977 Pinto for my 2.3 motor got in trade. C$250.00. The 2.3 was in a salt lakes racer. Most likely will be a 1/4 mile car but might try to make a rally car out of it.

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