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That is just retarded. What if you breakdown on the side of the road and your starter goes bad. And wouldn’t the heat from the engine cause premature failure to the laminated field wingdings?


North star engine devours you because you didn’t run


Oh no. It looks like you activated my jeep card.



Old pic back when it was cleaner… Havent had time for it since new job and baby… one day tho I’ll have it back together…


Here is another straight 6. From a 77 Nova My dad had this car when I was a little kid.


Thats a nice SR20 haha.


its a DET bluebird motor.


I suppose that one is the same as the redtop from the Sunny GTI-R 220HP stock?


the gti-r is in its own ball park

It has ITBs. larger bearings , diff ecu / water pump/ better exhaust manifold / bigger turbo and few more things

bluebird and avenir motors are more like n/a SR20s but smaller exhaust mani and turbo and few other things


Thats kinda cool.
The good thing about SR20’s is that they are really reliable.
My dad had a Primera with SR20De, most reliable car we ever had.
More reliable then our current and previous Merc.
It never ever once broken down in the 10 years he had it.
And it towed manny heavy Horse trailers and Caravan’s.


The the only issues I have had with my NX2000 have been self inflicted… because I wouldnt stop modifying it…kept going for more and more power.


Yeah at some point you reach a limmit of that the engine could do.


No the engine is fine… still kicking…

Its on 21psi making 400whp… and we are at the limit of the pump octane 93.

If i get larger injectors and retune, we could run e85 and likely hit 450whp on this GTX28 turbo. but thats about the limit of the turbo then.


Yeah the octane value of petrol is important if drive turbo.
Uphere we have decent fuells for that.


Those are some insane numbers for a stock engine.


I was really hoping to have killed the DET motor years ago so I could get a VET motor and rev much higher…
The DET only revs to about 6500 before power starts falling with the cams it currently has.

The stock VE and VET can rev to 9000… make much better use of the same turbo I have without upgrading. The heads on the VE and VET also flow much better.


Theres a video out there of a bone stock VE motor with a PTE6262 turbo at about 25psi … it made over 550whp before it blew… but the kicker…

It could have kept going… if they would have upgraded from the head gasket to a metal one before they turned the boost up that high. That was very impressive…

The stock DET motors are known to reliably take 450whp before you should build them.


What size engine are we talking about here?

Sorry I don’t know anything about Toyota.


Yeah i´m not sure where the rev limmiter of your particular DET sits.
But the SR20De NA we had, had its limmiter set at about 7500rpm or so.
But the best power band was between 4000 and 6500 rpm.


SR20s are by Nissan

2.0 L