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Commit all the heresy.


I take it you made that beast?


No. I would rat rod my bronco though. White wall off road tires. And red and white pinstripe on black paint.


Pulled the motor out of my subi and tore it down for headgaskets then found a solution to never do them again.


I like that solution, but I have a few concerns about that choice of motor.

Inb4: baited


Couldn’t afford the performance model. This one was free though. Just need to tape it in place and glue the exhaust on.


Make sure you have plenty of elbow grease for that job. Oh and don’t forget your headlight fluid.


Upgrade to an ej253/257 and headgaskets will be a thing of the past. Then you just have to worry about cracking ringlands :grin:


I made an egr block off plate. Aka absolute cancer according to Cali.


thought headlight fluid wasn’t used for many years on this model,
Did you mean the blinkerfluid?
If not topped off it affects the fog-lights for some reason…


Got some condensation… from standing still in winter conditions

It has been running stationary for a while, hence the carbon blackness.
A couple a refs later…


I don’t understand why trucks look like a 2 bit hooker at a sema or truck show.


This is known to the state of California to rustle Jimmies.

I too have deleted my EGR but seeing as I’ve never pulled the engine I don’t have block off plates, I’ve just corked the hoses.


Haha. I couldn’t decide which one to recommend, but Red vs Blue came to mind and they said headlight fluid, so that’s what I think it needs.


anyone got rec’s on a double din android radio? preferably with gps and that will work with my existing bluetooth + steering wheel controls


I’ve been looking at those, but I haven’t tried any yet. I’d also be interested to know if anyone here has gotten one at some point.


really the only one ive heard about is atoto


I just searched for “android head unit” in amazon, and been going through those.
If I get one it’ll probably be this one.


the reason i like the atoto one is cuz its got obd link so you can use an app (torque i think) to show all kinds of info, has a live tpms display with an addon, dash and back up cam addons too
it is 350 or so tho, so not cheap


I’d have to look again, but I thought that one did have an ODB link, or maybe it was an option. I’ll look tomorrow (must sleep).

I’ll also have a look at yours.