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Bear in mind that’s the third engine in that car in almost as many weeks… reliability not likely to be a primary objective :smiley:

i love C3s. one of the sexiest car shapes ever.


Did some window replacements since one window was broken.
much lighter aswell!

Exhaust tubes are on their way!


Hmm. I’m not fond of the stock seats, so I’ll probably stick with my idea of retrofitting some Volvo R seats. Top notch comfort with some bolstering.
Probably these

Or if I can budget it these

Just a cast iron truck engine. Just about everything can be swapped between the two engine. They even share the same cast, just the 5.3 is bored out a little more.

Thanks man.

Looking good. Did you get new carpet?

I’m only shooting for 350 - 450hp, so honestly it doesn’t really matter other then the 4.8 should be slightly more efficient, and maybe make a bit more boost noise.

Yeah, probably just going to stick with what I already have.


Yeah new carpet from ACC. Order through summit its less expensive.

Lots of trucks came with aluminum blocks.
From wiki “aluminum blocks (LH6, LH8, LH9, LC9, and LS4)” seem to have came in 4x4s with flex fuel.
My 2010 and 2014 both did.


I’d hazard a guess that 5-7 pounds of boost would be plenty…


Really wish I had a phone with a working camera. Anyways, I got around to fixing my broken windshield wiper. Couldnt take pictures though :confused:


Well got her installed. Thought it was going to be a nice quick 3 minute test. End up sitting at the lights for about a good 8 to 10 minutes lol.
Definitely sounds much better. Just a little meaner with a lower exhaust note.
Definitely want to hear it with an exhaust mod.

Looks pretty good but had to remove the damn engine cover to get the stock air box out.
Was going to say two of the bolts were a 7mm thread and the washers were all 5mm washers.
Just took a quick trip to Lowes and bout the button bolts and washers.

click for pics


Anime Culture Club? Lol

My carpet used to be good in my S10 but I lent it out and he gave it back to me with mud caked in like I’ve never seen. Hopefully it can shampoo it out, but if not I’ll look into what you got.

Ah, the Suburban is an 00 or 01 (don’t remember which). I whish it was an aluminum block, but it’s not.
I was going to try to get my hands on a Vortec 4200, but I’m worried about the transmission options.
The Vortec 4200 is a 4.2L aluminum block, dual overhead cam straight 6 making 270hp N/A. Very cool engine, and I will do something with it at some point.

Old video, but there’s not too many videos on this engine.

That’s the range I’ve been telling people I’m going to do.


Makes sense. With a properly sized turbo (i.e., one that is running inside its efficiency range when making enough airflow for that boost level on your engine) and decent intercooling, you should be able to net about 40-50% more power out of say 7 psi.

If you’re truly aiming for that power level and not much higher, i’d be looking for a 400-500 hp rated turbo or a pair of 200-250hp turbos, keeping at the smaller range with that level of boost the thing will be a low-down torque monster.

I went through a few turbos on my 180sx (SR20DET), one of them was a HKS GT-SS which was on the smaller side for an aftermarket turbo for a 2L motor. But damn… made the thing feel like a v8. Decent boost from 1500 rpm. Ran out a bit at the top end (beyond 6000), but for a street car you spend most of your time between say 2000-4000 rpm anyway.


So, just got the invoice back for work to the little RGV 250.

It’s about $3k :smiley:

A fair bit to do, a fair whack of change, but the work will be done to a standard that i could never do myself.

  • carbs ultrasonically cleaned
  • engine swap over
  • on the new donor engine: new pistons / rings / bearings / gaskets
  • engine vapour blasted
  • new fork stanchions / seals / etc.
  • carb tuning

looking at 60+ hp at the tyre when its all sorted, which on a 130kg bike is a lot of fun :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure to get a go-pro video up when it’s sorted out.


How the hell do you expect +60 hp after a refurbish?
Or is it an entirely different engine?
Expect +6 hp (max) otherwise


60hp or more (hence, 60+, not “+60”) in total.

Not 60 additional horsepower… :smiley:

You can build these to 70 ish though. But i haven’t built a race motor.


Haha makes sense now! Excuse me



Was thinking of grabbing one of those and throwing it in an old quad we got in my backyard. Shits probably super rusted and locked up though. Been sitting for at least 6 years.



^^ 400 wheel horsepower car with usable powerband…


Got the clutch release bearing installed. Had to order an input shaft collar as the stock one was too thicc for the bearing I bought.
Notched the cross member and had the hole enclosed. Also ordered some header gaskets, a hurst shift stick and speed dawg knob.

Think Im ready to install. Tomorrow should be a productive day.



So. Old RGV engine post mortem. I snapped the crank.