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Stock starter is a goliath and major pita to install with long tube headers. Bought a cute mini starter, hopefully it goes in ez.


What’s the cost on those?


This is the powermaster 9100 for SBC. Made in USA $111 on amazon. Summit was $120 but they will price match if you ask.

Three hole version I think was around $130-140 but I’m maybe at 10:1 and stock displacement so shouldn’t be necessary.


Looking into upgrading the turbo in my WRX because I like cracked ringlands I guess.

I need help


What causes cracked ringlands? Detonation?


Backpressure can do it, happens in high horsepower applications cylinder 3 likes to crack ringlands with wrx/sti unless if you convert to equal length headers which sounds like garbage in a Subaru.

Essentially the epitome of first world problems.

It’s basically a fucking meme, I’d be more likely to snap the crankshaft or crack the block since its open deck.




It’s a commonly held opinion for Subaru owners. Makes it sound like a Honda.


So you already have a turbo? Or are going to get one?
And why do you need equal length exhaust if you have turbo? Doesn’t make sense.


i already have one I want a bigger one.

oh boy, can of worms inbound.

to answer i need to know how much you understand.

Do you understand the concept of exhaust scavenging?


I thought I did: Essentially your are using the exhaust pulses to extract more exhaust from the cylinder. The timing is critical as the pulses travel at a linear speed. So most headers don’t make more horsepower but shift the powerband up the rpm scale.


Okay, so, with that in mind, what happens when the header is of unequal length (with subarus in particular) is that the drivers side has to fight to get out and the passenger side flows more easily. This causes uneven conditions of multiple things but mainly heat. When this gets further exaggerated in high horsepower applications shit can go sideways. unequal distribution of heat through the engine can cause some cylinders to predetonate due to varying conditions which mainly leads to ringland failure above any other points of failure.

This can be circumvented with stronger internals but i’ve got stock internals so things like this are a real concern.


Thanks. That makes sense. I was under the assumption that with a turbo that equal length didn’t matter. Perhaps it doesn’t matter in a stock situation.


Yeah in stock form it’s irrelevant just hurts fuel economy slightly, hence why Subaru said fuck it when designing the car.


What do you need a turbo for? Are you pulling any loads?


Installed my running board on my truck on Thursday.


Also dad welded in the muffler yesterday morning for me. Sounds pretty damn good cruising and accelerating.


Only thing I want to do now is the class 3 tow hitch and 7 pin harness.
Not sure about a full bed liner though since I can just throw in a nice 3/8 inch thick rubber mat into the bed for about $100.


Every truck I own that had a bedliner in it has a rusted box. If I wanted to protect the bed I would use something easily removable for cleaning. Fluid Film on the underside every fall.


Yep agreed bed liner locks moisture in and rots from the inside out. There is no correct way to apply it after a truck has left the factory. My bed looks like Swiss cheese Previous owner taped over the holes with duct tape then sprayed over it again.


found a 1996 Nissan hardbody D21 2wd 5 speed for sale locally with 42k miles on the side of the road some old mans truck… literally dream truck but i already have a car and a truck, texted my buddy who also likes d21s to check it out he’s taking it for a test drive tomorrow.

low key mad.


Saw this at a dealership yesterday. Gets better gas milage than most cars today.