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Hmmm was thinking of doing a resonator delete on my Colorado for some noise but what’s your guys opinion if I take my mufler from my sonic that I have not sold and got that welded in place of the stock muffler.
The muffler from my sonic is roughly half the size. Could calculate the internal volume later.
Would definitely give some sound to the truck.
But do you think it would be sufficient?


Just drill some holes in the bottom of the muffler. Cheaper, makes more noise, allows condensation to drip out. /s


Keep it quiet. Put in some nice component speakers with an amp to drive them. Maybe a 10" sub for a little extra bump. I went with Focal Access and have been super happy.
Had eclipse, jl and Boston in the past but these are much more warm and full.
Have an old set of jl w1v2 10" sub’s that give plenty of low end.


Seems interesting. Never really been too into sound systems tbh.
I am still going to get my spray on bed liner and class 3 tow hitch at some point as well. Pretty much all I want to do to the truck after that.


Ha started on my resonator delete yesterday,
Starting the car with open pipe is so much fun hahaha.
Just need a new pipe now…

By law our exhaust must be free of leaks so i doubt some drilled holes get trough inspection in the Netherlands.


I feel ya. I ended up straight piping my Blazer for a while due to the cat disintegrating, and the insides ended up in the muffler, so I just removed it all… Let’s just say, that was a bad idea.

Cold air intake or even short air intake is a much better option IMO.

My S10 has a CAI.


Yeah CAI with a sealed box is definitely on the list.
I loved the sound from my sonic when I had mine installed.
Wasn’t loud but every power stroke had a boom out of the exhaust.


Latest Grand Tour featured this all electric. This thing looks sweet. Thoughts?


Oh shit, I completely forgot grand tour was a thing.



Apparently there’s an open source firmware for Tesla’s now. Anybody tried it? Or know someone who has?


Implying any of us have 40k to drop on an unreliable car.

That is cool though.


Are they considered unreliable? I’ve never kept up on any of the electrics. I’ve strongly considered (And honestly, I still likely will do this at some point) taking a Kawai zx6r and converting it into a homemade electric. The motors and such are so trivial to work on compared to gasoline engines.


Teslas have horrible reliability. Average of 2.5 motor/differential units replaced in 100k miles.

They’re not expensive when the car is under warranty, but I seem to recall them being ~8k out of warranty.

That makes an RX8 seem like a good investment when it comes to powertrain reliability.


… Yea, I know college ev clubs with experimental cars that are more reliable then that. In racing at that even.


Yeah, it’s not to say that Tesla isn’t doing good things for the EV market. They just need to fix their reliability issues.


Yea. There have certainly been strides. Batteries still have a ways to go.

When you get to the new GT episode, youll get a laugh out of the batteries on that Nio ep9. Its a track car sure… But cmon’


Really want an easily moddable electric. Want to be able to swap motors, speed controls and batteries. It will be a while I think until there’s a summit or jegs type store for electrics. So for now I’ll stick with the old mechanical stuff.


Damn. Feels fucking bad. Not able to purchase a cold air intake anywhere. They just straight up won’t ship to Cali.
Nobody is going to waste that time and effort into getting C.A.R.B. certified either.
Well exhaust mod it is then.
I know there is a GM specific CAI which isn’t too pricey but not even sure if that is CARB compliant.

I guess the best I can do now is drop in a K&N filter for the stock box.

Well shit, found an intake that has an Executive order number, but its only for the 2.8L Duramax Diesel. Why do gas engines get no love.


WTF & holy crap! What am I doing with a 5.3‽ They just made 900hp out of a 4.8… Brb, got to post my Suburban up for sale (probably /s).


Dang that sucks. Want me to ship you one? Lol
You might be able to build one your self.