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Hmm. I’ll try running the A/C with the heat cranked tomorrow and see what happens. The recycle isn’t on. Maybe when I get home I’ll try to clean the inside of the windshield when it’s warm.

It doesn’t happen all that often, maybe a few times each winter. Or maybe I’m just a heavy breather.


Its most likely from the moisture that builds up in the car, water on the floor from snow etc.
So just allow your car to get fully heated, max the heat with the A/C on and run it like that for like 20-30 mins or so.


That could totally be it, lots of melted snow in the molded plastic floor mat. Maybe try to kick the snow off my feet more.


There are in car heater fans. I bought one for my Grumman Kurbmaster because the heaters are crap.


No, I’m not a snapon dealer, I bought this for my renovation tools.


The Rain-X anti-fog stuff worked really well for me. I don’t get ice here in Florida, but when I worked overnight, the temperature would go below the dew point and everything would end up with condensation. The rear defroster would get things clear as I was pulling up to the house. That anti-fog stuff made it so I could hop in and drive without having to wipe everything down to see.


I’ve had this problem with both my EVs, and my father also had it with his. I found the solution is to blast the heater for the last miles of my trip.


So, my RGV250 on the trailer, off to get it’s heart transplant…

Also going to get a preventative top end rebuild (new engine has 17,000 km on it, and pistons/rings are generally done every 20,000 or so - easier while it’s out; pistons and rings are cheap and may as well do it early).

Also the proper black fuel tank is getting a new filler cap seal on it (i have a heap of spares in the shed hence the blue tank, etc.) :smiley:

Can’t wait to get it back. It’s such an amazing little bike to ride.


Yesterday I was cruising Kijiji and found an ad for 1/2 barrel of toluene [~20 gallons]. Met the guy and gave him C$10.00. Yep, two fins. So what am I going to do with that stuff? Well, there’s a few things it’s good for other than huffing. It’s a great solvent for oil based automotive paint or use in place of BraKleen. It’s an octane boost for high compression engines and I just picked up a very warmed over ford 2.3l for my race truck. The original owner was using it in his race sleds. And it’s good when mixed with sodium silicate for softening up tires. Also picked up an engine stand from the same guy for another C$10.00.


Where did the snap-on dealer touch you.


I have to agree mostly with @Theonewhoisdrunk. Keep the stock intake system unless you plan to get some kind of chip/reprograming/tuning done to the engine. Also as he stated make sure if you get a “cold air” intake kit make sure it’s not pulling air inside from the engine bay.


lol. I picked that up from a kijiji ad. The ad was for something else but in the ad he mentioned a box truck he might sell. I inquired about the truck and I ended up buying a 1980 Grumman Kurbmaster with a 350 chevy engine on propane. It has an dc to ac inverter and propane heat too. I had to replace 4 tires and put in a new steering column. I paid $1000. The Snapon decals are coming off, tho a dealer came by the jobsite one day and said there was no problem keeping them. I figure they are a major thief magnet.


He just wants you to advertise their name for free. Tell them that you will charge them to keep their name on there and advertise.


Well cut the exhaust pipe to the size I wanted and put in the tip. No noticeable sound difference in volume or tone but it does look nice.
Well no difference in the cab or with windows down.
Did hear a difference when I was next to it starting up.

nobody would want to hear my V6 anyways

Definitely looking forward to picking up a cold air intake with box for that difference in sound.
Might take it to one of the shops to get welded in as well.


You need these:



Lawdy nty lmfao. Cali’s recent AB 1824 targets those along with cutouts.
I personally don’t mind the cutouts but the whistle tips would drive me insane.


Its just for decoration thas it


Definitely not with that sound. The Whistler that is.


Look I believe Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis, if you choose not to believe such pillars of the community thats on you.


Them nearly crashing an 8 series was probably the highlight of the video.


Took the miata out today. Feels good man. Rain tomorrow, so she’s getting covered.