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Found one that is made by flow master under the AirRaid name. It has an EO# for Cali. So I can ship but my truck specifically is not covered.
The EO# covers for the 2.8L Diesel all years but only up to the 2017 V6.
I mean worst case I throw in the stock box. Luckily for me new vehicles don’t have to be smogged for 8 years. So I am good until 2027 lol.


If you got that route and try to retrofit it, I’d recommend sticking with the V6 CAI, since the diesel is a completely different engine set up, being an I4 and all.


Oh yeah I got the V6, part says compatible just if the gubment wants to dip their crusty fingers in my truck, I could get some fines.
No issues when I had my sonic short ram and exhaust.
Didn’t even think of CARB back then lol.


Ah, so it’s just not CARB compliant for anything newer than 2017, gotcha.
Cool, deal. I look forward to hearing it.


As am I. Just bought it. Says estimated delivery by the 21st but its shipping from a city 3 hours away. Hopefully arrives by Monday/Tuesday more likely though.

Although really wish someone would take the parts from my sonic off my hands. Decent sized box holding everything. Maybe I can just leave it in the back of my truck as storage since I have a tonneau cover.

Damn really tempted to sign up for that UPS thing so I can just go pick up my package.
Its already in town but won’t go out for delivery until Monday.
Never mind can’t do that unless a delivery has been attempted already.


anybody got a good wireless backup camera system, preferably NOT license plate mounted?
would like one for my tow truck, but don’t really care to run 30’ of cabling to the cab!


That’s a niche order. Especially at 25+ ft of transmission range.

You might look at tow-truck specific tools.


i should think something advertised for RVs and trailers should work. i can wire it to the reverse circuit probably easier than a car, just need a waterproof connection, but i just can’t really run a cable all the way to the cab for video.


Tensioner pulley for the A/C belt on the ol yota seized today. My god the belt sounded like a tortured cat the whole way home. I’ll be taking that belt off temporarily tomorrow morning till I can get the new part.

RIP my ears as well. 1 like = 1 prayer


No prayer for you! #PrayerNazi


Took off the A/C belt, discovered the shop didn’t properly tension the alternator belt. FFS it’s not rocket science this is basic Maitenence.


Dry fit to mark the shifter hole. :yum:



is that a 350?


Yeah boi!


New plug wires to replace the ratted and splitting old noodles, and a new idle control valve to try and solve some unrelated issues. Truck seems to be happy with the new parts so far.


Bro, that’s exciting! Your moving this project along at a brisk pace.

I’m strongly considering selling my 5.3L Suburban in favor of a junkyard 4.8L for my S10.
Trying to get a house before I pull the trigger on that project since I could use (almost need) the truck for moving. The housing market is pretty stupid right now though.


Still the same old ford ranger?


Same old, same old.


I’m hoping to get it running before summer. And then there will be a list of cosmetic stuff to do after that.

Seats are good because they have bolsters, but not as plush as stock. I think they would be fine for a days drive with breaks.

If the 5.3 has an aluminum block I’d stick with it. Parts are probably more common.

Good luck with the house. We took about 3 years to find a good one in our budget (wanted a ranch w/shop in the city). Try not to rush.

Carpet and seats in. Shifter is just right in the farthest rearward position on the tranny. Comfortable reach.


71 350 4 speed all stock. Just got it painted! I have never seen it painted in my lifetime(chipped away white bc who every painted it didn’t know what they were doing). It was my dad’s and it sat in the driveway once he had kids. So I got it fixed up and finally got it painted.