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It is throwing o2 sensor codes for both o2 sensor, and the computer is competition for the lack of fuel. Also this is drive by cable, so if they were to limit the RPM I think they’d have to do it with fuel cut, or retard the timing like you said.

The engine & ECU are the factory ones for the truck, so I doubted it’s that knock sensor problem.

Also after I got the ECU tune the CEL hasn’t come on, but there are pending o2 codes.

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Only truck I’d consider buying.



Yeah the black box is the one I’m talking about. Nice to know they went with a better model in later years.

Have you ran it in gear with the wheels off the ground to see it will go over 3k without a load? Sounds starved for fuel. Fuel filter, pump and lines in good shape? If you can get a scanner to read the duty cycle of the injectors at 3k that may be the best indicator.

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No directions needee


Anyone know anything about 2011 Grand Cherokees?

My brother is looking at them, but I’m concerned they suffer from Dodge V8 syndrome.

There’s a private party asking 13,5 for one with good paint and off-road tires with 116k on the clock.



I think that was the year they hacked with 3 lines of python.

That’s all I got. Mightve been slightly newer ones like 2013 or 14

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I mean, I’ve got a '13 benz, so I’m equally vulnerable to the python master key solution.



lul, yea not really something to worry about. I just remember messing with one in college when they released that. “O hey, dont you drive one of those” “Don’t you dare” “Just let it happen”

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Yeah, this ECU is bad ass! It has a completely tunable fuel map. Like this, but instead of manifold pressure, it said throttle position.

I haven’t, but I have let her have in neutral, and it’s the same story as that vid.

Yeah, pretty sure this is the problem. I’m probably going to start swapping out fuel parts with stuff that can run my 5.3. Going to take care of the alternator before that though.

Not sure if we he checked that. He was pointing out some bars (as he floored it) that were dancing around, and said those don’t look right, you probably need a fuel pump. Lol

I really wish my memory was better. He explained everything he was doing, but I only got like half of it.



On my fords there is a schrader valve on the fuel manifold. Have you got one that you can hook up a fuel pressure gauge and then run the vehicle? That will tell you definitively whether you are getting the proper fuel flow, pressure and volume.



That’s the same gen as my coworker’s Grand Cherokee that had pretty bad electrical issues (had to replace the gauge cluster no less than four times in six months).

The accident I saw a couple months ago had a Grand Cherokee. The girl driving it was fine other than bumps and bruises after going 45 MPH and t-boning a Ford Escape that ran a stop sign.

About all I know about modern Grand Cherokees.



Thanks for the report.

That sounds like a lemon to me.



Well that is my dream car, but the prices are way too high for my wallet :smiley: I bought the R129 when the prices were at the bottom, now they are rising :slight_smile: Hopefully it will be someday called a classic, I’m planning to have it for the rest of my life :slight_smile: Everything in it is original apart from the wheels, but I do have the original ones in my garage :+1:



The seats needed a little modification to fit but turned out well and there seems to be plenty of room for the shifter.

Waiting on carpet and transmission to arrive next week.



Nice man! How comfortable are they compared to stock s10’s seats? Would you sit in them for a road trip?



Well decided to skip in the exhaust cutout on my Colorado. Bought a decent looking resonated tip. Reviews were good and saw a few for Canyons and Colorados. Definitely going to cut the pipe to size instead of sticking half the length of the tip on the pipe.

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Anyone ever have issues with frost on the inside of the windshield during cold weather? It happens in winter, during the day while my car is sitting in the parking lot at work.

I haven’t been able to work out exactly what the weather conditions are like when it happens. The most recent time was last week when the highs were in the single digits above zero. I also remember it happening in the spring when the temps are in the 20s or 30s.

It’s super annoying because my little diesel takes forever to warm up at idle. So I have to scrape and rub the frost off enough to get moving safely, then hope it warms up enough to start defrosting on the way home. But it usually doesn’t and I have to deal with it the next day too.

The cabin air filter has been recently changed. I don’t know if there’s any other place air can get in or out, maybe from the trunk somehow.



Too much moisture in the car.

Make sure your air isn’t set to recycle and turn the A/C on.

Also make sure your windshield is clean on the inside.