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Ya I totally agree. Maybe to keep it cheap? But that just seems silly because it’s a niche car anyways. Or they could have at least included a high performance option. But no. Maybe they thought that it’s better to keep the initial cost cheap because people are going to want to do their own mods anyways. I dunno.

Maybe they went with the V6 Mustang philosophy: It’s morally wrong, but they’ll still get plenty of sales from girls, and dudes who just want a Mustang badge and don’t care about substance.


The BRZ has the engine set back 10 inches for better CG.
The regular WRX turbo engine won’t fit.

That’s their excuse anyways. I know someone who turbo’ed their BRZ and it was so fast it scared him to death. He sold it and the new guy crashed it a week later.


It better… It’s a damn Supra


By name only.


how so? the flagship model features a turbo inline 6 and it’s supposed to make like 350 horsepower… and in case if you havent checked performance BMW engines make stupid power with some bolt ons just like a 2Jz. not sure why everyone is throwing so much hate at this thing.

Do i particularly like it? no but i don’t like the mk4 either they’re both ugly.


they better do better then 350…

hell, the rumors for the next Nissan Z car is 400/475 hp
So if nissan is making a sports car faster than a supra from the factory… they will get shit on so much


i mean it’s rumors at this point? who tf knows. i’m just happy sports cars are coming back.


Just what we need. They better make them more expensive.


Well i guess that BMW needs a turbo now to get to those figures.
If you compair that to the BMW M3 E36 which had 321hp or the M3 E46 with 342HP NA engines.
That might say something?


The US variant was gimped at 240. :frowning:


Yeah the E36 kinda had three variants i believe.
A US one which was gimped.
And a first gen E36 M3 which was a 3.0 with 286HP manual 5 speed,
i believe 1991 till 1995, then there was the facelift E36 with the 321HP 3.2 engine with manual 6 speed.


Alfa Romeo Giullia QV has a twin turbo V6 2.9 litre with 510HP.
That car is just soooo cool… :stuck_out_tongue:


My dad recently acquired a 2008 BMW X3 3.0si


What I read said the Supra is a BMW parts car. Most of the mechanical drivetrain bits are BMW. Even Toyota says the only Toyota parts are the body and ECU.


if its true, i’d think they split the diff (price) b/t the q50/q60 and the 370z (as long as the Z doesnt weigh more)

from what I see in my 370z… id be wiling to pay another 7k for 100+whp from the factory


here’s to hoping they make it light and handle well


Alright, I got my parts, and this time I took a pickle fork for those pesky ball joints.

after I replace this hopefully the wheel will be in the center of the wheelwell again. Lol


Almost done however…
While test fitting the calipers I noticed the disk was extended about .2 inch too far and wasn’t center in the caliper bracket. Turns out the axles for the disk brakes are that much shorter to accommodate the difference in the disk flange thickness to maintain the overall width for the wheels.
I already replaced the wheel studs in the axled used on the drum brakes not thinking there would be a difference.
So there’s $30 wasted.

Pic of the pretty coated disks.


So cut off .2 off the spline end. If worried put some type of marking compound on and install/remove axle and look to see if there is enough spline to work with. A grinder and zip disc will make short work of the extra length.


These are retained by c-clips. Removing any material from the end could be catastrophic. I’ll just use the blazer axles, they’re not in bad shape.