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We did. I have a buddy that has one.



“teased for nearly 200 years” Not sure if typo, or a joke. :thinking:

Ill be waiting to hear people’s thoughts and reviews. I like the way it looks, although I think the rear narrows off a bit much.


What an ugly car.

It suffers from the Z4 frontend.


if it does not have a manual option its not really a sports car.


Also, is a 3.0 straight 6 going to provide enough power?

mid 200s was plenty for the 90s, but today we need near 400 and I don’t know any NA 6cyl that can provide that kind of power.


yeah… cyl arrangement should matter.

the 2jz was known (straight 6) to hold 1xxx HP on a stock block with upgraded head studs.

The z4 is rated for about 450hp or 498hp depending on if the water injection is working.

so i’d expect power to be the same or more compared to z4


The bmw B58B30 packs 387 ponies.


I guess the question is, can Toyota compete?


Nope, also it’s an automatic, gross.



But that’s turbo. I didn’t see any news of a turbo on the new supra.


Hmmm, apparently it will have a turbo.


Love this new 3er, gonna go test drive it


It better have a turbo or it can go into the trash alongside the BRZ.


That does look decent.

The BRZ is missing two turbos and two cylinders.


The concept was definitely much cooler… something tells me crash regulations jacked it the fuck up.


it’s missing 1 twinscroll turbo and no cylinders.

fight me


I saw the original plans. Didn’t say anything about a turbo, but their manufacturing equipment got messed up so they had to settle and leave out the other 4 cylinders it should have had.


I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t put an STI (or FA WRX) engine in it… it’s not like it would canabalize their WRX sales as it’s a completely different platform. Literally makes no sense to me.