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Why the hell would you build a reliable Lotus 7? That ruins the fun of owning a Lotus.


Modern Lotus tend to be fairly reliable considering they are basically supercharged camry’s afaik


Lotus 7’s are certainly not modern.


someday I’d like to build myself a Caterham… someday…


There are still some original Super 7’s and Caterham’s floating around SCCA… and depending on prep/driver can still do well.


There is one dude in my local SCCA autocross who has an original Lotus 7 with a 11,000 RPM Toyota race motor. That thing sounds sick! Like hyperactive Killer Bees operating a sewing machine.


Damn… that would be insane, autocross folks are a bit different.


Hahaha. I can’t believe Mazda made this in 96.


That is a great name for it to. Carol. Brilliant.


soo… at work (i got a new jerb with a better company), our f-650 rollback with 600k miles… had a stuck caliper… (hydraulic brakes)

fried the rear seal and the rotor. to remove the rotor, you have to remove the caliper, axle, hub assembly, and unbolt the rotor. i wish id gotten photos.

problem is that… i was able to remove the spindle nut… by hand!


I’m fucking livid and I don’t even live in California

someone start a go fund me to nuke California seriously fuck off.


Fuck, I need to get the turbo on the Miata so I can quiet down the exhaust.

Wait, “if any part of your exhaust is modified”?

So like, in my situation…

Where I was literally suffocating from the CO, and I had to buy aftermarket parts because Mazda doesn’t make replacement parts anymore, I can get a ticket for literally not wanting to die?

Yeah, fuck them. I will flat out refuse to pay that if they give me one.

Do they count CARB legal parts in this?


hope someone with money challenges this shit all the way to the supreme court California is literally insanity. you could not pay me a million dollars to live there


I’ve got a feeling Jay Leno would go after this.


Thread name change

Just a quick heads up I'll be changing the name of the thread to L1's Garage tomorrow evening.

There’s a high of 50 degrees today for whatever reason, so I’m going to see about addressing this problem on the Jimmy.

The upper control arm is also bent, so I’ll see about replacing it as well.

Wonder if the junkyard is going to be busy, since it’ll be oddly warm today.


Ah, I got to the junkyard too late. They closed 30 minutes earlier then I thought. Got started on it, but it was quite an underwhelming trip. My father wants to go as well, so I’m going to wait until Saturday.

And uhh… have a boost meme!


Ah, winter hours?


I’ve been happy with the Mazda i owned, they’re very popular in Australia and review well in general (Mazda 3, 6, CX7, CX9).

The Mazda(Speed) 6 MPS is one mazda that was pretty potent, outside of the RX7 models… all wheel drive, 300hp turbo in something reasonably light. Not sure if you guys ever got them in the states…


LS into miata is always the answer


That’s what I thought, but the guy behind the counter said, nope year round hours. I swear they used to be open until 6.