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I’ve pretty much given up on easy-outs. I own about 5 different styles of extractors. Now I go right to left hand drill bit and thread repair inserts like heli-coil. I bought 2 kits, a metric and a standard that have the most common sizes of threads.


Just changed my oil in the 93 yota, looks like my oil pan is leaking but i can’t tell how much because fluid film is obscuring everything… wiped off where i think it’s leaking and will check it again soon. Really don’t want to have to have the oil pan redone that’s just annoying and a job I don’t want to do myself thus expensive.


You can add a UV reactive dye to the oil and using a blacklight track where the leak comes from.
I had to ask my local parts place to bring some in for me.
Works for any fluid.


That’s pretty clever.


It also stains like a mother fucker.


That’s something I’ve never thought about, and you would see why if you saw my vehicles. :grinning:


I’m finally getting around to the lower balljoints on my 93 Ranger. Of course once you dig in you find more than you want to. I replaced the outer u-joint on the passenger side drive axle as well as the seal. Ive never done the seal on a drive axle before and there is some left over parts from the kit. I hate that. It may be the kit is meant for more than one type of situation but they should have some instructions.

Well, the left over parts are for the spindle.


So… Never owned a Mazda… But thinking of a CX9


I’ve heard they’re good.

All mazdas could use another 20-40hp, but I’m sure there’s never gonna be enough, considering your daily.


Hell yeah! I didn’t expect the Jimmy I just picked up to have an LSD. It’s probably an Eaton locker, which tend to go out, so I won’t hold my breath that it still has it.

My last Blazer had the code, but I’m pretty sure it got replace with an open diff at some point.


Mother has one. It’s fairly decent but @sgtawesomesauce is right. It could use some power.


i mean its not a sport car… but its rated at 250bhp…

thats not terrible for 28MPG


It’s definitely not bad. Just leaves something to be desired when passing. I might just be spoiled when it comes to that.




This is lulz worthy




Thats why I went with the 2.5 liter in my 11 hatchback… the 2.0 and 2.3 were under powered considering how heavy the car is.


At the SCCA Runoffs this year at VIR there probably will be 100 to 125 or so Miata’s represented in Spec Miata, Touring 3 and Touring 4, E and F production(more F than E). Hell… you can the older Global MX5 as is in T4 so there may some of those guys crossing over too.


My brother is building a Lotus 7 and using a gently crashed ex-race spec MX-5 as a donor car.

I designed his Creamsicle “livery”.

He finally got the Miata running well and I couldn’t resist busting my brothers chops a bit.

“Now that you have a running Miata, why take it apart to build a worse Lotus?”