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Could probably make a profit on the rest of the rust free parts


probably. Could sell the frame with chassis for $1500 without even blinking. old cars like this are worth dirt in AZ but it’s gold here.


Alright, I got her home.

I now own 4 Government Moters cars…


bless your heart, you must love burning oil.


What if one’s electric?

Does that count for anything?


An electric GM car?

so it uses electrolysis to burn oil more efficiently?


Spark EV.

Ah, so that’s why they didn’t recall these ones, and take them to the middle of the desert to get crushed this time (90s EV1).


someone stole the mazda-rati… (roadkill truck)


Weld all their crank-shafts together and make a disgusting Frankenstein rust bucket.


That would be something else. A 5.3LS, two 4.3s, and an electric motor.

Grand total power (assuming no losses):
809 hp
1,152 ft-lbs


Couple leads on a transmission hope one turns out well. Six speed manuals are such a rarity these days. Much disappoint.


That’s sweet!
Later down the road I hope to put a 6 speed in my 4 door s10.


My stilo’s got one. Many cars in europe have got one mainly the french and italian cars.

Anyway made myself a fancy bracket to hold rhe airfilter and carterfilter. The shitty original 1mm steel one was showing metal fatigue.


It cost more oil to make fuel efficient and electric cars every year. So a gas guzzling bronco is technically fuel efficient. Even if you upgrade the injectors and reprogram the ecu.


Thats kind of retarded. Whats your opinion on cat’s?

Maybe watch some engineering explained videos


They hurt fuel economy and performance.


so, just bought a new 17,000 km engine for my rgv 250.

happy days :slight_smile:

for those not familiar

mine is a vj22


I think that might be pushing it a bit. If you said a Honda Civic or something like that I would be much more inclined to agree.

But in complete honestly, I have no clue if a small gas car or an EV is more “green”. You got people on both sides saying theirs is more “green”, but I have yet to see an agreement from either side that didn’t conveniently leave something out.

I choose to daily an EV because it’s extremely reliable, very quick for an econobox, and costs me less to own (both maintenance, and electricity vs petrol. I drive 40 miles 5 days a week, and my Spark cost me less then $15 a month in electricity. To drive my Volvo (28mpg) that same distance would cost cost me $70 a month. That’s with today’s cheap gas, but that used to be well over $100 a month.

TL;DR: The EV is insanely less expensive to drive (for me), so for better or for worse I don’t care which one’s more “green”.


Not to mention Engineering Explained always showing those sub $5K EV with plenty of warranty left in them.
Wonder if second hand still applies for government subsidies


Sadly no (at least for Idaho), but that’s still a lot of car per dollar.

Unless it’s a Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Lol