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No mandatory emissions inspection and cats are 30 years old. Should I just delete the cats? Not like emissions will be an issue since there are so many cars with variable valve timing and fuel efficient hybrids.


As someone who has run with hollow cats before. I’d put new cats in if you can afford it.

You can definitely tell from smell a car that has no cats, and if you’re going to be around it inhaling any of the air near it I’d consider it to be worth it for your own health if nothing else.



Ehh. Not like a 69 mustang ever had cats. And the only dangerous thing is a idiot driver.


Long day of working on cars. Axle and bearing on the subaru then valve cover and abs unit on the honda.




You do you buddy. Just saying that with unleaded, standing behind a car with no cats smells fucking horrible.

Also a lot of the crap out the back is carcinogenic.


What are you doing in here? Haha.
That there is click bait. I’m almost 100% sure that is a Corvette that someone went to town on photoshopping to make it a chibi Vette. The Vette is not a car to go on the “worst cars ever made” list in any way.

Welcome BTW. Are thinking about getting into cars?


Nah lol, I don’t even have my drivers license yet even though I’m a couple years overdue for getting one. Only reason my friends are fine picking me up when we hang out all the time is because we hang out like once or twice a month lol.

Saw a dumb hilarious pic and knew you liked cars so thought you’d get a kick out of it

Yep, why I posted it here cus it’s pretty funny.


Gotcha. That all makes since to me.


One of the things I received for Christmas was a set of WeatherTech floor mats, and I have to say, they’re damn nice.


Nice! I need to get me some of those. The custom mold looks great.


My car came with them thankfully. They’re just amazing.


Weather tech is the best!!! Have them in my truck and they handled spills and dripage from wetsuits as well as a design could, fitment is great as well.


They fit extremely well even without settling in the car.

The one gripe I have is I wish the driver’s side mat extended further up, but I understand why they didn’t with the pedals there and all.


Somehow I need to get the time, energy and last surge of funds to get one of these GTEs and ar5 trans

Into this

So I could have… A… Four door… Wait for it… Supra!! Haters gonna hate.


Only thing I have to hate on is my god that car needs a detail.


I was under the impression that GM/Chevy/Ford/Whatever had improved, mostly forced, due to foreign competition. Looks like I am wrong on that front. This was an insightful watch.

Although, I sense a little bit of sticking the head in the sand about changes. As car guys they are sworn to dislike self driving stuff.

So while they bash GM for current/past behavior the electric/self-driving is some how perceived as bad. Seems like a double standard. I could simply be misreading it though.


Car has been neglected for a long time (even currently in a non-op status with the DMV), need to change that.


I need more Horse powers too.


whipped the miata out for the first time in a couple months.

Damn, did I forget how much I love this car.

Tune is nearly perfect, got about an hour of logs to go through.

More importantly, I need a new battery. Damn thing won’t crank, had to kick start it down my driveway.