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Mine is a standard 2.5i, nothing special but the used market is still strong in the bay area thanks to all the lesbians.


Had me rolling


If i sell mine to one you’ll be the first to know.


Lol. Yes.

I have no idea why it’s there, but there are quite a few rocks placed in little cubbies, pockets, and cup holders… No clue.


Is that just the prior owner trolling you?

Because that’s what I’d have done.


Haha. Don’t know. Maybe the thieves put them in there to troll the owner when he found it. Or maybe this whole thing is bait, I’m just eating it up.


What would it be bait for?


Probably should have checked these when I got the car. Just a little worn. Also napa sells blue rotors.


Witty response.exe not found.


Plenty of pad left. Throw those back on, you’ve got another 10k miles!


10k easy!

You know what just keep them on there. The grooves it’ll scrape into the rotor will just give more surface area for the brake pads to grab.


KBB seems to always be off on Impreza values.

Said my old blue Impreza was worth like $1300 private party in good condition, you’d be lucky to find one for even twice that much in barely adequate condition.


Well I am fairly certain I had fucked that new set of spark plugs the last time around, bought a new set and didn’t touch them, just installed them.
Lets see how this goes.
Also noticed a bit of carbon buildup, like completely over the piston head just looking from the spark plug hole.
Is a layer of carbon fairly normal for a vehicle with 45K miles? It wasn’t very shiny though, it was a flat reflection.

Oh shoot son. There is a nice V6 Colorado 2016. 36K miles for 26K. With my sister’s car trade in. Things are looking pretty good.

Specifically this one


Speaking of Gambler 500 vehicles. This is my fathers amazing crappy looking 3 speed Suburban. We’ve talked about taking it a few times.

You probably won’t ever see another manual suburban. I’ve only seen 2. The other one was on Motor Trend’s cheap truck challenge.

This thing such a handful, but it’s a lot of fun to drive every once in a while. It make a lot of angry engine noise (not quick though), and the trans has a very long throw shifter, and when it goes into gear, it really feels like you’ve accomplished something (shifts extremely nicely though). Lol

I have it for the day. I’m going to use it to tow the Jimmy to my place.


Well fuck truck sold as soon as I left. Fuck.


Looking to order some traction bars and wanted to find a comparison of the caltrac standard and low profile models. Then I fell into another youtube hole.

Mmmmmm timestamped


Parts to touch up the dorkel install


I’ll touch up your dorkel.


Well there is a truck from the next city over. Going to look tomorrow morning.
If this don’t work out. Fuck it. I’m getting a Camry.


Got a lead on a parts truck in AZ it’s identical to mine. the seller is looking into transport companies in his area I told him i’d pay ~$750 on top of what he’s asking to move it. he wants $350 for the entire thing has a clean title.

I desperately need that bed.