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What can I say, that’d be a great blocker car.


i mean, i’d take it to a demolition derby


that’s what gambler 500 is kinda


Found a van:


i’m saying i want to intentinally destroy it not just kinda rough it up.

Look at it, it needs put out of its misery via a blown radiator and a siezed engine.




Allot of cheap stuff on craiglist.


Ye, 4.3 buddies.

I was thinking about this one, but it need work. $300 though.

Oh, it’s kinda far away from you though.


LOL that’s not actually that far.

Only about an hour away.

(I’m in northern part of SD)


Well it’s the right van for an A-Team van.

Hop to. Lol


ugh, I’ve got a feeling it needs a lot of work to get running.


Probably just a tune-up, and maybe a carb. Those things are dead simple, and the turbo 350/400 autos are bullet proof with stock power. Not even running them out of trans fluid kills them.

However it’s a 91 so it might have EFI. I don’t know anything about those systems because none of the old Chevy EFIs I’ve been around have given us any issues.


There is the lemons series
But like you said used car prices are insanely inflated in cali





Could always find a shop willing to take a bribe lol, thats what i did with my jeep


that’s what I meant

I’ve got a friend with a 500hp GTI, a friend with a V8 E30, and a friend with a volvo s60 making too much power.


What does it run you? I paid $250 for a guy to throw the sniffer in a little acura


$120, all in on an OBD2 car. Friends and family discount.


I was going to sell my impreza as is (in need of repair) but looking at the market that’s a dumb idea. I see them still going for $6-8k, would probably value mine around 5 if i fixed it up which isn’t fucking bad.

I don’t know why i checked kbb but it valued mine at like 2.5k private party


KBB isn’t accurate for enthusiast cars. It’s got my miata at 2.5k, but going rate is about 3500-4500.