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I ain’t care.

I’d just drop the plates from the miata on there.

I also have “access” to dealer plates.


Ah. Then you can use just about any car you want. lol

Want to be 4.3 buddies? It’s manual.

Boost it and drift it. lol

Man I’m noticing a lack of cheap old cars. What’s up with that?
Lot’s of nice old ones though.


we’re at a crossroads… where the cheap ones are now too shitty and are being junked and what’s left people really really want. We’re running out of cars without excessively intrusive computers etc and that’s what’s pushing the market.


Got lots of them around here, and I mean lots.

But we also have a lot of farmers.


Cash for clunkers happened.


What state are you in again? I’m in Ohio anything pre 2005 is getting pretty fucking Slim for pickings.


I think it’s because farmers tend to dive their cars till they die. Could be way off though.

Thinking about it. I don’t think that’s it either. IDK


do they use salt in idaho?


Ah. That must be it. I believe we almost exclusively use sand.


Lucky… I wish they used sand here.


They don’t rust here.

There’s no snow, no rain, so you can park it outside for 25 years and it’ll just have fading paint from all the sun.



Found you Gambler rid


These are super cool when they’re 4x4. Not sure what’s wrong.


These are also cool. 60mpg, and there’s a community for modding them (turbos to boosting the power of the electric drivetrain). You can find them manual which is really cool for a hybrid. $500

Hmm. Maybe people just don’t like older cars there.
Also wow, the lack of manual is real.


People like older cars, but they like to sell them for 75k, restored.


I don’t, unless it’s a supra.

Also pre 90s cars fold like tincans during collision.


@sgtawesomesauce Miata.
@SudoSaibot this video is better.


I really wanna do an A-Team van.


I saw a cheap van when I was looking though your cl. I think it was a G20.




Hell, this would be a great lemons car as well.


Or, a Buick on donks:

DUDE: Jeep that can’t be smogged except by me.



automagic 4 cylinwow