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Welcome to our digital garage. Come talk about cars, bikes, mopeds, or even boats, pretty much anything you’d park in a garage goes.

If your talking about a particular car please try to find a picture.

Our cars/stories.
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I’m going to split up my stories, so I don’t take up a tone of space with one post.
The links will take you to a post related to that car.

I own:

  • 15 Chevy Spark EV (my daily, all electric, and a blast to drive thanks to 327 ft-lb of torque)
  • 02 Chevy S10 crew cab (I manual swapped it)
  • 00 Chevy Suburban 1500 (LS engine donor for the S10)
  • 99 Volvo V70 T5 (I engine & manual swapped it, also my favorite car)
  • 96 GMC Jimmy SLS (LSD & trans donor for the S10)

I’ve owned:

I’m a huge car nut, and I love just about all cars from classic muscle, wagons, nuggets, all the way around to Electric

My favorite is my 99 Volvo V70 T5, it has a turbocharged 5 cylinder running 16psi, and a 5 speed manual.


My car

17 Sportage SX-T

I sell the damn things and I hate everything about buying a car and cars in general. I would have gotten the base model b/c I have very simple taste but my wife bitched and moaned enough so I gave in. Nice little crossover. No complaints.

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Allways cool to talk about cars.
I dont have my own car yet, i´m still looking for one.
But i drive arround in my dads Merc.

I personally love Italian cars, and Alfa Romeo in particular.
And Ferrari of course.
But those are still pretty expensive.

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I like the new Alfa Romeo Giullia and also the Stelvio aswell.
Of course with manual transmissions.
But unfortunatlly they are way too expensive for me. :frowning:

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The Fiat/Alfa Romeo dealer down the road is about to go underwater b/c they can't sell the damn things. Not knocking the car or anything, I don't know shit about Alfa Romeo, but I know a few guys who are gonna get laid off if they can't start selling. Bad times.

Yeah well Alfa Romeo does suffer from a bad reputation from the past.
Next to that, they didnt had a new model line for a long time.
The Stelvio is their first sorta cross over mini SUV type of thing,
which they are trying to sell in US and Europe.
The main problem is that Alfa romeo sorta kinda set them in the market as premium.
And of course the Stelvio Qv version wtih a 2.9 V6 Ferrari engine with dual turbo´s producing 510HP is kinda special.
But those arent typically the models that are going to sell well.
The normal production version with diesel engines and 2.0 liter patrol engines are the version that should do well in Europe atleast.
But yeah they are still pretty pricy.

Same could be said about the Giullia, its an awesome and great sports sedan car.
The QV version again with that beastlly 510hp RWD and manual.
All nice, but those versions arent going to sell well.

But alfa Romeo realy has a very large history in racing and such.
Its really such a beautifull brand.

1946ford flatbed 1ton (i think the stock color was green)

worked till we took it apart
(funny how that happens)


Certain classic American cars are also really nice.
A Chevy Bellair for example.

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You've owned a 300zx... 1984 just to rub it in... Please tell me your experience with it. It's honestly my dream car.

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Very nice, I see someone likes wagons. I approve of that driveway :100: percent.
My father had a bone stock 1950 Chevrolet vary cool stuff.

BTW I considered swapping the engine out off my Escort GT into one of those escort wagons

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yeah, uncle had that buick
ma had that ford escort

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The Z was purchased for $500 with 240K miles of hard life teen driving. It had a few mods like MSD ignition, and cold air intake. It wasn't the twin turbo model, but with that said it was still fairly quick, and got 29 MPG, which is better then factory, it probably had something to do with the mods.

I sold it when it developed an overheating problem, but given the miles on it, I was extremely impressed with how long it lasted. My only slight beef with the car is it feels pretty heavy.

I think that the 300ZX is a really good sports car, and a good choice for an obtainable dream car.

I'm so glad cameras are not this bad anymore haha

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That car was so ahead of its time... Sigh, someday I'll have it.

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Yes indeed. And hay, they're really not that expensive unless you want a mint one. I see them for under a grand every once in a while, just got to keep your eyes peeled.

Yea I've seen them for about that much too, but I'd rather not have a "fixer upper". An anniversary model would be ideal.

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Oh I see. Yeah those aren't cheep haha. You will need some luck on your side to get your hands on one of those for a somewhat reasonable price.

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Alright fine I'll cross post my little beater truck here.

Spent the better half of the day in the sun fixing a 8 month old mistake.

She got crunched pretty hard. Collided with an E-350 contractor van loaded with steel at about 40MPH merging onto SR-509 South of Seattle. The parts were cheap but whomstv'de thunk that Ford would be using almost entirely metric bolts and I never had the tools or the time to fix the poor bastard.

Finally got the tools, the time, and the parts and decided I was sick of having a truck with a black eye. Stripped the whole face off her and found a very minimal amount of body damage and frame buckling underneath. Nothing worth filing for. Used a 5lb sledge and a bit of creative prying to get most of the panels back straight. What you see below is after defacing and reshaping. Never bothered popping the dent out of the quarter panel since it wasn't posing an issue with fitting the new header panel in place.

Done with the easy part. Spent the next 3 hours twisting, bending, hammering, and prying at the bumper to get it to set straight along the quarter panel instead of digging into the header and skewing the marker lamps out of place. That was a fun bit of work as it was 91F and clear skies the whole time, but it got done and the final results of the newly rebuilt front end look damn close to what it did before the wreck.

Yeah I don't tend to have my phone out when there's shit to be done and it's hotter than hell, so you get a total of three pictures.

Think it turned out well. After dark I aligned the headlights a bit and she's good to go. Next stop, radiator tubing and a new heater core...


First, note that I don't believe I've owned a car for more than 2 years....Let's see, in order from first owned to last:

1990 Nissan Maxima SE
1974 Datsun Pickup (620)
1993 BMW 525i/A
1998 BMW M3 Coupe
1993 BMW 535i/5
2011 MINI Cooper S
1995 BMW 525i/A
1989 BMW 735i/5
2000 BMW 528i/A
1996 BMW 328i/5
Custom built e-Bike from an Electra Townie
1999 Lexus RX300
2005 Chevy Malibu Classic
2009 Ninja 650r

Now the story behind them:

1990 Nissan Maxima SE
My first car. It was given to me as a present, MOSTLY working. It is what I originally learned to work on, and had it for a few years. The bitter sweet part of this car was that while I did like it, it was an automatic FWD car. NOT a fan of those two things. Engine blew on it, and spent a lot of money replacing it. It wasn't until it was totaled (not my fault), that I finally got rid of it, and used the insurance to buy my first real car, a BMW.

1974 Datsun Pickup (620)
Holy crap I loved this thing. It was the family beater/second car that I used as the inbetween vehicle from my Maxima to my BMW. It was what I learned to drive stick on. It was drum brakes all around. You couldn't drive it at night because the headlights would cause it to die. We never changed any fluids. It was the perfect example of something that was so far gone, yet SO useful being a pickup you don't care about. It carried and built so many projects, and taught us so much, while still being SO cheap that everyone that rode in it fell in love. It was rust on two wheels, and pure joy to drive. We ended up getting rid of it after so many years after not having a place to store it though. I have so many great stories with this thing on how barely together and awesome it was, I could go on for some time.

1993 BMW 525i/A
Oh, this beauty. You see, I grew up with shitty old cars, and when my dad remarried, my stepmom told him he had to get something nice, so he got a 2001 BMW 740il. I knew from that moment that my life had changed forever. I became obsessed with BMW. I did nothing but research, and dream about them. If there was anything I dreamed more of, it would be driving a stick, but finding didn't seem to go to well, so I found this auto and FELL in love from the moment I test drove it. For a ~15 year old car at the time, I had to do some work, but everything spent on it was a labor of love. It went on more road trips than I could remember. I had the paint in such amazing shape, that it was like a mirror. The ONLY reason I sold it was because my sister wanted a better car, and I had just acquired a new dream car, a 1993 535i. So I sold it to her for cheap, and it soon disappeared in a disaster of neglect. Everyone loved this thing though, so much so my brother even got one. We were the 3 kids driving around in 3 black BMW e34's. Glorious.

A mirror shot of how clean that paint was....I spent way too much time making this thing mint. I even started up my own detail business for a bit from that detailing obsession with this car:

1998 BMW M3 Coupe
This was fun! I was working at a BMW dealership (did I mention how obsessed I was?). We had an abandonded 98' M3 on blocks in the back, busted windows, and engine halfway apart. Previous owner overheated it (A BIG no no on straight sixes), took it to the shop years before, and left it there. I did a lien sale on it, bought some wheels, towed it home, and rebuilt it in an apartment garage. Replaced the head, windshield, and a bunch of other stuff, and had a working M3! It was STUPID fun, so much so that I knew as a guy in his early 20's, I was going to lose my license if I kept it. It also felt a little small for my taste, liking the more GT oriented cars more for roadtrips, so I sold it, and turned a nice little profit out of it. Used that profit for my favorite car of all time...the 535i.

1993 BMW 535i/5
This...was true love. It wasn't as fast as the M3, but it was good enough. It was easy to work on. It was the perfect blend of old school simplicity with new school comfort. Sure, I wish it maybe had another 50HP, but I loved this car more than any other car I've ever owned, and still to this day, I regret ever selling it. I had a full suspension on it, and I swear to you it handled better than the M3. It was STUPID how fast you could take corners. At the time, I was commuting 20+ miles each way, when gas was nearly $5/gallon, and the clutch was nearing the end of its life. I was just about to be promoted at my job, so I did the stupid thing, sold it, and bought the MINI brand new.

2011 MINI Cooper S
The biggest mistake I ever made....well maybe almost, but that is coming up. I told you why I got it, and how stupid it was, but let me say this: it was a great car. Yes, my fuel pump went out at 30k miles, as is tradition with BMW turbo's, but it really was pretty fun to drive. Stickshift of course, and with all the options. The problem was that I bought it on balloon, and about 18 months into owning it, lost that job I was working at, leaving me with an expensive car payment, and unable to find a good job to compensate. I ended up going into a LOT of debt over it, and it really screwed me over....a lot. The best memory I have from this car though is that I picked up Sandy, MY first dog. I've always had dogs in my life, but Sandy was my adoption, and oh how amazing she was. She was easily the best thing in my life, and helped me through some of the hardest times I ever went through.

An interesting thing started here though: in my process of searching for a replacement, the thought of going full bicycle crossed my mind (I was in a really rough spot in life). In my search, I stumble upon the e-Bike life, test rode one, and from that first test ride...something....clicked. More to come on this.

1995 BMW 525i/A
In the process of getting rid of the MINI and the car payment, and I was in a rough place. I managed to find this car which seemed like a great deal, only to have my ONLY bad experience with a Craigslist deal: it had no reverse, and I didn't realize it until after I got the car home. Things went south, had to keep the car, spend the money to replace the transmission, and just had a sour taste from the whole deal. Even though I was in a rough spot, I sold it (stupid), and told myself it was because of everything, and that it wasn't a manual. It was stupid because I was spending money I didn't have to spend

1989 BMW 735i/5
Another dumb move. I was looking for a replacement for the white 95' 525i, and found this. Thought it was everything I wanted, only to realize it needed more work than I was willing to do. Ended up selling it, even though it was a pretty bawler car. I knew it was going to be more money to fix than I actually had.

2000 BMW 528i/A
The burden has been lifted. I sold the MINI. I sold the 735i. I am now car-less, and only working part time at two jobs for low wages and hours. I need something. The thought of an electric bike comes into mind, and gets put off because I wasn't sure how viable it was going to be. I decided to be reasonable, responsible. I found a great deal on this one, and likely would have kept it had it not been for one FATAL flaw: it was an automatic. I kept it for some time though, and served me well for the time I did have it until I got steady enough hours at work to afford the next car.

1996 BMW 328i/5
Work started to pick up. That one part time job turned into full time. Got a raise. Things are finally turning around! Although the M3 did feel small, this 328i sedan actually felt like a good size. It was black. It was a manual. It was in good shape. I was in love, and so I bought it, and sold the e39 528i.

Custom built e-Bike from an Electra Townie
As I said earlier, e-Bikes hit me in a big way. I grew up riding bicycles, but the e-Bike was just SO much fun! I bought an Electra Townie, and converted it to electric. I road this thing EVERYWHERE! Put several hundred miles on it, and it was an absolute joy!

1999 Lexus RX300
I've been living with my mom and sister after I lost my job around the MINI time and had to move back in. Then it happened: My sister moved on in life, got married, and moved across the country. My mom decided to move across the country to live with her boyfriend. That left me....alone. While I did transition to full time at my job, it still wasn't that much more than minimum wage, and there was NO way I could afford a place by myself. Sandy was with me, and she is a big dog, so finding a place that would allow her to move in became...impossible. I literally could not find a single place. San Diego is expensive!

So I had a friend in Austin, Texas. On the whim, I decided to move there with him as he was looking to move out of his sisters. GREAT! So I pack everything I own into my BMW 328i, and making a road trip out of it to go through the Grand Canyon, and from there to Austin. The house we are living is is empty, my mom is spending the night at a friends house about to leave the next few days too, and as I hop into the BMW to head to the friend's house to say goodbye before I leave the next morning, I notice the BMW springs a GIANT coolant leak before I leave the neighborhood. CRAP. Either the best possible timing, or worse. Well LUCKILY my mom was going to sell her RX300 the NEXT DAY to carmax, so instead I buy it off her, leave the BMW at the house with the key, and am now the owner of this Lexus. My dad later took care of getting it sent to the shop to be fixed, and sold it while I was in Texas. Saved, and it got me to Texas!

Oh, there is more to the story though. Couldn't find a job in Texas, and had to come back home, broken. Did I mention how much Sandy helped me through these rough times? Luckily It got me back home. No picture, outside of it sitting next to my BMW previously. Also had to sell the e-Bike to help fund the trip to Texas, so that is now gone.

2005 Chevy Malibu Classic (Current)
Well, this is where the story takes a turn for the worse. I'm home, found a place to live with a friend that allowed Sandy. Out of nowhere, my siblings call me. My mom isn't doing well. Her internet boyfriend turned out to be crazy. I fly up to where she was living in Seattle, we pack what we can in her Malibu, and I drive us both down in one straight shot. She is in poor health, things are bad, and due to welfare, needs to get rid of her car. Well by this time, the Lexus has developed this problem of a few times a week randomly going into limp mode; I need to carry around an OBD2 tool so when it does, I can pull over, and clear to codes to continue driving. It is on it's last legs and needs A LOT of work.

Once again, my mom saves me. She GIVES me the Malibu. I don't know what to say. I sell the Lexus for basically junkyard money, and continue on. No pics, sorry. It's nothing special.

2009 Ninja 650r
This is a bitter-sweet story. Like I said, something clicked when I rode that e-Bike. I grew up HATING motorcycles, but after that moment, I got it. I longed for a motorcycle since that day, but this story has a sad beginning. You see, Sandy was everything to me. The Texas incident broke me....completely. She was literally all I had to hang onto. Then, this past Christmas, a few weeks before, I had to put her down. It was....the hardest thing I ever did. I fell apart....I guess you could say I'm still broken over it.

In that brokenness though, whatever fear, whatever inhibition I had that kept me from buying a bike, left. I found a deal on Craigslist that seemed legit, and spent money I really didn't have to get it. It was the best thing I could have done. Overtime, the wounds have healed a bit, the motorcycle gave me an outlet and joy I haven't had since childhood, and it being a little damaged somehow felt...right. I put band-aid stickers on the dented tank as a reminder of everything, and while I'm still not out of the clear, being a 'biker' gave me an identity I never thought I'd have, as well as an accompanied new way of looking at life. Plus, now that I'm going back to college with a vengeance, it has made parking WORLDS easier/cheaper.

Here's to you Sandy. Thank you for changing my life, and being the friend and support I both didn't deserve, and desperately needed.