Kinda new to Linux

I am building a new pc to play games, edit photos, and to use for learning Linux and programming.

Here are the specs on the system:

Case: Phanteks Evolv X
CPU: Ryzen Threadripper 2950X
Memory: 32gb
MB: Asrock X399M Taichi
GPU: MSI GTX 1080 TI Gaming X
Boot Drive: Samsung 970 Evo Plus 250gb nvme
Data Drive: Asrock Ultra Quad m.2 card with 4 Crucial P1 1tb nvme in raid 10
Monitor: Acer 32in 3440x1440 and Benq 2560x1440

Games I play:

Everquest 2
Elder Scrolls Online

What I need to know is what would be the best Linux distro between Fedaro and PopOS? This system will turn into just a photo editing and programming system after I get a Ryzen 9 gaming system built and the graphics card will be changed out to an AMD Radeon Pro WX7100.

Thanks for the help.

For gaming you want distro with the freshest kernel and drivers available. or dualboot/looking glass windows :stuck_out_tongue:
For your other usescases distro literally doesn’t matter.

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oof for gaming I usually want people on amd. AMDGPU is a lot nicer than the nvidia kernel driver. It kinda kills itself after an update. Its super gay TBH.

Otherwise the question I pose to you is what commands / which package manager do you like? Will everything do as you need it to? Make sure to check it all over first.

Past any of that… If it runs in wine or proton, I don’t see an issue with any of this.

I recommend running Windows as your host and using Linux in a virtual machine. The pros of this setup is you will be able to use whatever launcher/game client you want and you’ll be able to play with multiple distros without having to reformat your harddrive.

Once you find what you like, move forward with that one as your primary and see if you can get the games working on it.


Meh those two are not the best possible solution in this situation. My recommendation is Linux from scratch. Works best for games and programming and while you install it you learn a lot about Linux. :slight_smile:

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you’re invited to my LUG

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Jesus, are you wrong. Any major distro you simply press a couple of mouse clicks to update the Proprietary driver.

@rlmurphy69 if you want to game on Linux Ubuntu is Fine it is officially supported by Valve and if you want some more up to date stuff PoP is Ubuntu based but a little more current than mainline Ubuntu. Comes in handy for Lutris, Proton and GPU passthrough.

Mind you all the games you brought up aren’t Linux native so if all you want to do is game Windows will be easier. If you got an old laptop, chromebooks or raspi Linux is great on those. Or as @AnotherDev said run Linux in a VM. I personally dual boot and Live in Linux most of the time and boot Windows when I feel like gaming.


Not true for Nvidia. On amd, yes. But Nvidia doesn’t care.

Not helping.

That is not true and you know it. Don’t mislead noobs please.

Are you on meth? Linux from scratch is the equivalent to building a car from scratch because nothing out there quite suits your needs.

@rlmurphy69 I’m sorry you got such silly responses. If you’re looking for a recommendation of a distro, I’d recommend Ubuntu or PopOS. Fedora is good for people who are a bit more experienced and while it definitely won’t be a bad experience, the learning curve is a bit steeper than pop. No matter what you choose, there are people here who are willing to help you out.


If anything LTS kernels are what team green support the most. Easier to hit a non moving Target.


accurate about more than this. :wink:

But he also has TR, you want newer kernel for optimal perf for that, no?

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That’s true, but with the dkms packages, I haven’t had an issue with Nvidia since 340 maybe?

Threadripper worked pretty much fine out of the box. I’ve got a 1950x and I’ve been fine on any kernel 4.10 and newer ( haven’t tested older)


also, no. It’s more you’re given a lego set and few instructions, and you just wait for hours for the legos to snap together while you learn close to nothing. :wink:

For the core system, yeah, after that, you’re pretty much on your own. If all you need is bash vim and wget, you’ll do just fine with it.

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managing packages with yOuR oWn HuMaN MeMoRy

Thanks, just got a second Sansumg 970 Evo Plus, so will put windows on one and popso on the other and split my 4 1t nvmes so i have 2 raid 0 drivers.

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The guy is into MMO’s he can handle the grind ! :smiley:

Just btw I am not sure most of those games even run on Linux in any shape or form.

Windows VM with VFIO might be a solution … but Windows with Linux in a Virtual Box would be the best scenario.

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Why not provide a serious answer from the start, like you just did in the first place.

Why do you consider my previous comment not serious ? Also why so serious Woofer ?

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Re: game compatibility.

Works wonderfully.

It’s ehhhh. Seems like it doesn’t work with Nvidia cards on Linux.

Works fairly well.

Seems to work fairly well.

Works pretty well

Works pretty well, performance hit noted.

I got all this info from


If you have a spare PC around why wait? Just dive in and see which distro you like best or am comfortable.
Also avoid Distro hopping, where you can get so caught up in finding “the perfect distro” you don’t enjoy your computer and gaming on it because you spend so much time with the OS.