Keep Getting Error 500 Randomly

I got the cloudflare 525 error SSL handshake issue too. About 20 minutes ago too.

Error has been gone until yesterday night, now it is back regularly.

I got it a few times too. Will keep poking at it

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I think you need a bigger stick Wendell

Have been suffering from the same issues lately.

While posting I’ll get the message that my post is being edited in another session (scaring the crap out of me) followed by the infamous HTTP 525 error - failed SSL handshake.

Yesterday I’ve not been affected but, since the thread has been opened, it happened at least once every day I’ve been on the forum.

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525 ssl cert error :confused:

Error 525

Ray ID: 6cfa8a737c1d75bf • 2022-01-18 20:23:23 UTC

SSL handshake failed

sometimes when commenting on a post the draft goes offline. saying draft is being edited.
a popup then shows up saying reload/ignore.
if i reload, error 525
if i ignore the draft comes back on line.

if im in a thread and open a link in a new tab to another forum topic.
error 525.

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Just had multiple errors trying to get into this thread.

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Oh, that’s just the powers that be keeping the truth from the masses.


just cleared my cookies to see if that stops it. coz like mazeframe, i got the errors just trying to look at this page.

suggestion: next time it happens for you.
open the console and see what errors show up.
maybe screencaps?.

hopefully il remember myself the next time >.< if no one else has managed to grab em.

Been a rough day here too. I’m getting 525 (refreshing) or 503 (while composing) from discourse. 500’s from nginx. And 525’s from Cloudflare.

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Same here, seems like I’m getting 525 SSL HANDSHAKE FAILED from CloudFlare mostly, but just got 500 from nginx refreshing this thread.

I’ve noticed that when writing/editing a reply, it tells me pretty regularly that the draft is offline or is being edited with a popup to reload/ignore.

Wouldn’t call it particularly disruptive, but it’s there.

EDIT #1: It just did it while I was posting that:

…it is not being edited in another window.

EDIT #2: And this just happened while I was attempting to edit the post a second time:


I also got this once or twice

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Just got a 525 from what appears to be Discourse when using the “LEVELONETECHS” banner to go back to the forum index.

Someone really does not like us right now. This is happening a lot. I’m sure Master @Wendell will show it who’s boss.

We are working on it, but it seems like it’s happening to multiple discourse servers, so we’re definitely not alone in this.

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Desktop: opera browser.

I can confirm i am getting 500 errors, 525 errors, Draft errors. It also came up once saying ‘This draft is being edited in another window… plz reload’ however was not writing anything in any other window lol. Also hit a cloudflare host error on one load as well

If people could post details like those above of any errors they get it would be much appreciated. Web browser, version, and desktop/mobile may help as well.