Keep Getting Error 500 Randomly


Just after that I got a SSL handshake error. I’ve been getting this randomly for a few days, today I’ve gotten it 6-7 times.


Same here. Its been happening on almost any thread I try and view today.


Good, I was hoping it wasn’t just my browser.

525 here, it’s a Cloudflare SSL error.

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Lol literally came in here to say me too and as I went back a page it failed. hahah


Did one of the L1 crew make any recent disparaging remarks about Cloudflare?

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The whole forum blanked out yesterday for me for a minute or two. I hope everything is okay down in Kentucky. I don’t know if this is all hosted from there.

Or is the forum getting attacked?

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Attached to what? or who? It might be developing feelings for @wendell

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Wouldn’t be the first time.

More likely some certificate that is only sorta hanging in there.

Interesting, did you fix the “attached” in the quote or was it correct when you quoted?

yep. Else I would have made the same joke as you did :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yip I’m getting it as well big time.

if from here they are still happening lmk


I just got the 525 error

It’s getting worse. Is anyone from L1 working on this?

yes, its worse because Im poking it with a sharpened stick. Done poking for the moment, but more poking may be in order.


Sharp sticks can point the way

Let’s hope there’s no pig head on the end of that stick by the end of this.

Same here. I was tinkering with my pfSense settings and was like " well, you fucked up something now". But other websites didn’t have any errors, so I was relieved and blamed Wendell. Always good to blame others :wink:

Haven’t seen any problem last 1-2 days

Seems better than it has been. First one today