Just when you thought Nintendo couldn't get more stupid

"Francis" (as well as Clifty, Jesse, etc) are characters of his. His rage videos are an act.

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So what do you do buy a pair of headphones with a microphone and then sync up to an app for voice chat?

Anyone else thinks maybe this was a design choice influenced by cultural differences? Last I heard mobile gaming is big over in Japan so I can somewhat see what they might have been going for in that case.

Other than that the only other reason I can think of is Nintendo going well we're already making mobile games so fuck it lets use that for our chat service.


I know of a few people that were holding off to wait and see what it was like
but not now , overpriced lackbuster rubbish

JP 300 dollar ish

Even Nintendo own games are 900p docked and 720p undocked

Just when you thought the Xbox one and PS4 were overpriced enough
along comes this overpriced tablet turned into a console

I have a feeling you could STREAM n games using DOLPHIN at 1080p 60fps using
steamlink or something and still be better off

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If you don't understand what the big deal is if they feel voice communication isn't important then maybe many games that people like it on say for games that have clans and guilds will not be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Also when you are paying a monthly fee and you get no communication ability and no free games while using the service to keep or to keep even when offline well then there is a problem. To defend Nintendo at all on this would be ridiculous. As for Randy Pitchford I don't know who he is and I will only care if he has anything to do with the console/video game wars.

Dolphin 5.0 works great for Wii and GameCube games, even on really modest hardware (Sandy Bridge i3 and a 7770), especially now with DX12 and Vulkan being implemented.

The problem is that Dolphin doesn't work with anything past the Wii. For the Wii U, you have to use Cemu (a much younger emulator) and there won't be an emulator for the Switch anytime soon. Luckily, the only game I'd ever want to play on the Switch is also apparently coming to the Wii U, too, so when Cemu gets better, I can just emulate LoZ on that. It'll be fantastic.

Nintendo hold onto their IP like the Japanese obsessively look inwards and hold onto their culture. It is having a negative effect in both cases.


I didn't own a Wii U so I can't speak too much about online play, but I'm not really buying a switch to game online. I don't even anticipate purchasing the online fee, so none of that affects me personally much.

I do think it's silly to have to use a second device to use game voice chat though, it's obvious that was an afterthought. That still, how many users do you hear actually communicating in Xbone games on live these days? I don't hear very much.

And to say "oh just emulate the games using Dolphin, etc." I don't have issue with that as long as you outright purchase the games you emulate. I just recently played through Twilight Princess through dolphin, but I purchased the game before I did it because I wanted to support the creators of the games I love to play.

The lack of Antoid on a system that can run Android is going to hurt them. Many people use their console as a streaming box and will cause parents to overlook the Switch.

Having NVIDIA shield features would also help sell the device to some PC gamers as a secondary device.

It uses the same hardware as a shield though right?

Yes that is why it is stupid to not run Android. Even if they did their own App Store like Amazon. It would be brainless to port to. Unity and UE4 both have options for Android ports.

Just dumb imo.

Android+Shield+Nintendo would have been a killer combo. Tons of apps and games out of the gate.

I have a shield k1, no need to bother with a nintendo so.

I am not talking you in particular. But others (like myself) would love to mix some Nintendo with PC and Android gaming.

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Considering that Nintendo's system is mobile, I don't think cultural difference is the reasoning.

The Switch is portable too, so in retrospect it isn't as overpriced as the PS4 and Xbox One was when they launched. It's the peripherals (and the price of 1-2-Switch) that are overpriced.

People expecting a tablet to perform like a desktop at the same price needs their heads examined.

dont like borderlands anyway, no big loss :P

Too bad though I have to wait for a Switch emulator for Super Mario Odyssey, I love those sandbox 3D platforming games like Super Mario 64 and Sunshine, at least Yooka-Laylee is multiplat though and is coming out a lot sooner.

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I can't speak for all people that emulate, but I ripped my ROMs and ISOs.

Android is very bloated and poorly optimized for gaming anyways. Even the Nvidia Shield X1 played games worse than a PS3 despite having more than twice as much computer power.

I hope this changes, maybe then we will have a true Switch killer.

I have a Wii, and softmodded it myself.
And iĀ“m very happy with that.

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Not sure why we need a switch killer. Nintendo is in the market of creating experiences, not bleeding edge hardware or cutting edge graphical games. That said, they exceed spectacularly at that. I didn't own a Wii U so I'm not personally salty over the lack of content there, but the Wii was great and a fun experience to game with. I expect similar to the Switch.