Just got the razer lycosa review! (pictures)

So i went to best buy to pick up a keyboard i was originally going to pcik up the G15 but it was $100 and the lycosa was 80 so i went with the lycosa.

I didnt want to at first because because no macros on the side and the laptop style keys.

So i bought it and said what the hell and i am typing this with it

and i have to say it is the best keyboard i have ever used.

Pros: rubberized keys

best tactical feedback i have ever had from a keyboard.


razer coolness

design looks beautiful

i seem to type better on this keyboard than my previous one

very well built


touch panel

arm rest is screwed on that is the best idea ever

fast no lag like my old keyboard


the backlighting is dim and i was dissapointed though it should be brighter

the rubber wares off after time

no extra macros on the side

the letters are not placed exactly in the middle but thats just ocd

without the backlight its near impossible to see letters

glossy attracts a lot of dust

the wire is sooo freaking big and thick and heavy

the usb i not gold plated like my diamondback

touch panel dosent always work

all in all it feels awesome and the laptop style keys dont affect me one bit the tactical feedback is by far the best i have ever felt.

pictures soon to come =)

i recommend this keyboard






Awesome design!

Is that laptop'ish keys? :S

yah its laptop is i guess you didnt read the review i bet no one is because its so long i said it was laptopish and i dont regret it one bit i thought i wouldn't like the laptopish but im actually typing more accurately and faster with this keyboard.

Honestly, it's not laptopish at all. Trust me. I have a laptop. The keys are kinda loud. Quieter than most other keyboards though. And dude, install the drivers. The whole keyboard can be one big macro.

i did install i dint play with them yet but i like the "loudness" of it

EDIT: umm well the icon says enable in tray and i did

and when i cick on it and click load customizer nothing comes up but the software for my diamondback does can someone help?

EDIT: nvm i got it

That's weird why is it all shiny when i looked at it pc world it was like a matte finish omg now i rly want that keyboard i would have bought it if it was shiny black but i do like the g15 :)

well the keys are matte so is the arm rest but the frame is glossy it is by far the sexiest keyboard ever

well if the lycosa is Angelina Jolie then the G15 is Jessica Alba :D

the keys are matte because it has a rubber finish lol.. the cheaper version of the lycosa (forgot the name) that jason wants has more glossy keys, since it doesn't have that rubber finish.

The Arctosa. Lol. And the Mirror Edition Lycosa has a gloss finish instead of the Matte Black rubber finish. And has the Blue LED backlit keys. The mirror edition has no backlighting FYI.

the arctosa has no backlight or usb hub or audio/mic

snarling did your rubber keys start to wear off? or the led start to dimm?

because i have had my diamondback for a year and the rubber is starting to peal and the light dimmed a bit. and holy crap i was playing with the macros its so freaking awesome XD

Then the Saitek Cyborg is Megan fox : D : D : D

no the saitek cyborg is Michael Jackson

Dude, Megan Fox. Damn. I'm asian, but damn. LOL. Anywhoo, uhh, not really. Same texture as my Deathadder. I don't pound on my keys, so they're fine. I think the lights have begun to dim though.

=o already damn

that sucks if it dims in like a month im returning it because that i wont be able to she shit and it will just look stupid

lol at the random $20 bill and as5

Well, the only thing that "dimmed" are like, two buttons in the touch panel on the top right. I can barely see the Play/Pause Keys and volume keys.

Ordered new mousepad now...

Whats the meaning of a sick gaming mouse when the mouspad sucks? : D

Ordered the Steelseries QCK+ :D

straight up blue table ftw.