[Just Do It Challenge] Linux Workstation Mini-Series

My experiences over the years crafting a Linux workstation.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Looking for feedback on the follow items:

Information – Was it easy to follow? Was it useful?

Audio – Too quiet? Too loud? Too staticy? Too unpredictable? Let me know.

Pace and rhythm – Too fast, too slow, too much white noise, not enough?

Other feedback – Did I suck? Was I boring and monotone? Did your grandfather discussing air combat strategies in World War I provide more entertainment? Try and be as specific as possible.

This is an ongoing show that I don’t plan on stopping, so any and all feedback is appreciated so I can ultimately get better. For now I’m doing something casual, but I want to get into discussing topics in software development, systems administration, DevOps, cloud computing, and tools in a unique way. Sort of in the spirit of Attack of the Show, if that makes sense…


I like the vibes of this podcast. If you really want me to be precise about it I think you should be a bit more distant from the microphone because I feel thumps in my hears when you say “p”. Also I can hear some back ground noises so maybe some compression can reduce the back ground noises and reduce the thumping “p”. Last thing you should try to keep the same distance from the microphone at all times. To me if I don’t have visual context to a podcast if I feel a voice getting closer and farther from the microphone is distracting.
Topics wise I think is great.

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Listened first two podcasts.

I like how in the beginning you lay down your agenda and tell listeners what you are going to include in each episode. Also it’s good that you clarify terminology early, like “In this podcast when I say Linux or distribution, I’m talking about the same thing”. Or something like that. :smile:

I noticed thumping “p” too. Are you using pop filter? That might help. :thinking:

Otherwise I think the audio is good. Used regular PC speakers for listening your podcasts.

Pace and rhythm was ok for me.

Nothing to complain. My grandfather never talked about WW1 so can’t compare entertainment value :stuck_out_tongue: /s

DevOps sounds really good topic, albeit it doesn’t fit in this Linux workstation series. Maybe podcast about “what the hell is DevOps” and then follow it up what benefits and pitfalls Linux offers in regards to DevOps?

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Appreciate it, I’ll try sitting back for the next episode.

I’ll play around with it and see what happens. I’m sitting next to the server which isn’t the most convenient but it works. I’ll try recording on the laptop in the bedroom or something and see if that helps. More furniture and a rug in there.

I am easily excitable and move around a lot :wink:

Thanks man!

Appreciate that. Something that I want to get better at is clarity and getting my point across. Hoping this helps.

I am not. Gonna try the @khaudio method and throw a sock over the mic :wink:

Nice man, thanks!

Probably going to be a multi part series or something that is just iterated on in every episode.

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