Joining the PC Master Race

trading in my ps3 and building my first rig, any tips or anything would be useful or links on how to would be useful... i'd like to think i'm tech savy....ish...... < my parts 

cpu: i7-4770k 

cpu cooler: Xigmatek Dark Knight II Night Hawk Ed.

MotherB: Asus Maximus VI Hero

RAM: Patriot Viper 3 16 GB (2x8)

SS: Samsung 840 series 250 GB


PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 650 

Windows 8 

Case: Rosewill Blackhawk ATX-Mid

heard the 770 sc w/acx is power eater though should i get the 750 evga psu? 


I'm on mobile, but I'd get a Lepa G650 PSU, MSI 7970, and Promilatech PK-1 thermal compound. Better quality, etc., etc. 

Lower ripple on the PSU, better build quality, and such.


if all you are doing is gaming I would reccommend getting a 4670k and spend more on the gpu

agreed -^ .. 4670k.. 

Take the money saved from a 4770K to a 4670K and put that extra money into a 4gb version of the 770. 

You're not really gonna get a better GPU unless you drop an additional $200 for the 780.

i dont see much of a difference gaming on a 3570k, 3770k or 4670k.. if i didn't tell you what processor you was on, you wouldn't know. it's the gpu that matters.. 7970 is nice.. 

you could also save your money for future upgrades

i looked at the 4670k and then i saw a special on the 4770k for jusr 40$ more and mostly just gaming on this would the little boost of the i7 be worth 40$ more? 

Nope. The i7 is good if you're gonna do intensive editing. If you're just gonna game, go with the i5, dude.

well not as much now but it will last you longer 

What? Can you elaborate on this?

with the new consoles coming have 8 cores the hyperthreading could become more important in future games and for $40 I would

If that's the case then OP could just go for an AMD FX 8350. That's 8 cores.

I really don't see the extra cores as being some sort of impediment to gaming, though. 

yes but at the moment we dont know so i would stick with the 4670k

If the I7 is in your budget I dont see why you shouldnt get it. I will agree that Brennanriddell's psu suggestion would be a decent swap.

You should also look into the sapphire 7970ghz. I dont know too much about that specific card but 7970ghzs are pretty awesome cards and its 369 on newegg right now which is $90 less than most other places have it for. Just something to consider since it costs less but 770 is no slouch and would make for a great system.

The 780 will have near Titan performance.  A little under budget actually. I don't know how you'll like your case. Still, Zalman has great airflow and nice aesthetics.

You will want to add a HDD for your data, that 250 GB will fill up in no time. I have had good experience with Western Digital green series drives, cheap, reliable and very quiet.

1600 is my limit. thanks for all the suggestions, keep em coming please :x i'm a noob when it comes to all this, should i go for a smaller SSD 120 and a HHD for all my games or files? i remember reading that putting your programs on your SSD makes them run faster or something along those lines...

also i play a lot of Planetside2 and the game is really cpu heavy from what i've seen, would love to be able to play it on highs/ultras and still maintain high fps but....thats a lot to ask 

I play maxed out with a 3570k and a 660 ti at a stable 60fps (vsync, it only dips down in massive battles (750+ people with vehicles tends to do it). So you should be fine.