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Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk


Figure people here might be interested in this. I’m watching it now so not much to say on it yet.


Hopefully Rogan doesn’t let him carry his bs narrative. Anytime someone asks Musk a real question or challenges him on anything, he goes off on how “boring” the subject is or brags about sending people to space.

I don’t watch the Joe Rogan show enough to know if that’s his style or not, but I don’t buy into the Musk hype. Dude is arrogant, and someone that’s trying too hard to revolutionize solid practices for his own ego.



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Thrn you got the new Yorker or whoever talking about this.


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great minds think alike, but im not that cool with the sunglasses.


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I don’t think musk would come after you.


I would like Musk even if nobody would know about him …aaand, I dont really get this “hype” thing, like what hype? I know about him because I deliberately went ahead and entered Elon Musk to Google & YouTube

Then not many of my things promote him really

I think, that you need to fix something if you are going with the hypes, and arent curious about just things and search them by yourself

Joe is first person ever that I have seen or heard anywhere who I can relate to regarding how I tear up or cry, which basically is success or feats, and rarely sad things, like these sad sob things dont do that to me, and then some feat happens and I cant even see anything from behind tears :sweat_smile:


you , u USA bastards can do this legally!


Assuming this was directed at me?

Some quotes from his fan base:

He’s Tony Stark irl
He’s a genius
He’s a revolutionary

I don’t agree with any of that. He’s entitled, arrogant, and doesn’t listen to people working for him (maybe he doesn’t have the right people).

Unrelated, his comments about Silicon Valley made me cringe. Yeah, he’s entitled to his opinion about a fictional TV show, but he presented the information as if he were some subject matter expert, and said the show didn’t know what they were talking about (which I disagree with, as did everyone else with experience in dealing with software companies).

He seeks controversy and attention. Very immature and not my style. So, that hype, I don’t get and find it less than tolerable.


To be fair, the hype is mostly the fan-base at not Elon himself.

I personally think he would be better off leaving the CEO position at Tesla and focusing on the boring company/hyperloop and SpaceX.


Yeah I guess its directed to you, but its not the first time I’m reading that thing, and I just dont get it, like I dont have access to same source which force feeds you all :smiley:

On that note, wow, #32 on trending


Joe Rogan interviews Joe Rogan.


I seriously thought the company was finished, maye Ford and GM would buy the pieces for pennies on the pound, boy was I wrong.
20 dollar drop in stock price after the CEO rebrands the company. Tesla will always be the company where the CEO was on Drudge taking a hit from a fatty.
This is a strange time to live in


They really need to learn how to roll one. That spliff is a disgrace. I’m suprised it didn’t fall apart and land in his lap.