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Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk


So, who decides these artifical stock prices? Its clearly like some social point system :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think Musk could be a much cooler guy than he is. I’m very confused by some of the things he says and does, for example the whole pedophile deal. Like can you just chill dude? What is he trying to prove? Idk… Doesn’t seem like he has that much to prove being a billionaire, but then again what do I know about his companies and work? Frankly I don’t give a shit if he smokes weed, I smoke weed and I’m not crazy, I’m sure he can handle it.

I generally don’t like when people dismiss others for asking honest questions as dumb or boneheads. How the fuck do you expect people to learn if you’re just an asshole to them when they try? Sadly this trait isn’t all that uncommon among tech types.

Those things aside, I think the products Tesla and SpaceX produce are fascinating. I wish them only success in their endeavors.

Not a big fan of Joe’s standups or Fear Factor (LOL) but his podcast is great. I was honestly shocked that he got Elon on. Listen to it all the time while driving for work.


Not sure if serious or being obtuse.

Investopedia is a good site, tons of resources and a simulation that lets you invest fake money in the real market (not for a profit, obviously). If you want to know how it works I recommend going through their wikis and tutorials. They dig into financial accounting, stock markets, economics on all scales, etc.

Your “some social point” system is accurate, to an extent. It’s partially based on emotion, loosely linked to trust. IE if Musk is acting like an immature douche bag, people won’t trust his ability to run a successful company, and therefore will not invest more money into the company, nor will they keep their existing shares into the company.


Was first going to compare stock dipping being similar to how old television worked regarding what you are allowed to be, but then I thought that, It could just be that I dont understand humans :man_shrugging:t2:

Maybe you degenerate for life from talking, drinking, and smoking


Just finished the show. Thought it was pretty good.


Don’t forget that a lot of people still believe in make believe fairy people, or astrology, or BOTH




Just watched 10-15 mins near the end.
Of course I skipped to dank musk, had to see for myself.

After that, I found their discussion remarkably relatable. since I learned to code, I want to program everything. I had no idea what I was capable of, and now I’m “exploding with ideas” as well. Not that many of my ideas are of much use, and I’m not pretending to be musk, but I also have no interest in weed and the like, for similar reasons. One is that I enjoy the productivity. And indeed, it can be tough to “turn it off.” On the other hand, I can relate to rogan in that I think meditation is a powerful tool. I believe people are intrinsically spiritual. Dreams are important to me. I’ll leave that subject there.

For me, that kind of productivity goes in seasons, like anything; a few months of work, then a week or two of gaming.

In any case, rogan seemed floored by musk’s thought process. How many of us here often feel the same? I’d wager quite a few.