JayZTwoCents got a bad TR4 socket, killed his 1920X - My Install video for comparison

Hi all,

So this just landed thanks to Jay

and I posted a recording I made, installing the my 1950X on the exact same Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 X399 board (well, identical model)

Amazingly enough, I did not have as much trouble during my install. For my next system, I’m swaying a bit more towards getting an Intel 7900X/X299 box (plus for other reasons) - see linked thread. – TL;DR since I already have a killer TR4 box, having a decent 10 Core/20 Thread intel counter-part won’t hurt. Many here have confirmed that IOMMU is far more reliable on the Intel side of things.

Has anyone else here had similar issues? Concerned?


ive heard that the issue is due to faulty foxconn connectors compared to the lotes ones which seem to be higher quality


Any idea of the lotes ones are assigned to say Asus or is it just random?

I wouldn’t say assigned, more like which company sourced from which manufacturer. Might even change depending on the batch.


purely random from what i can tell.

Board manufacturers probably get their sockets directly from AMD but ive not done much research into it yet

I also read that the FOXCONN TR4 socket has a manufacturing defect in the retention mechanism that prevents the screws from catching.


1950X is $879.99 on Amazon, damn that’s tempting

Give in to the dark side, let the red team flow through you.


Interestingly enough, the board I was considering for the second TR box (the ROG Zenith Extreme) has a lotes TR4 socket

Again, I wonder how consistent this is.

@SgtAwesomesauce better price-vcore count and the option for ECC support has me leaning to the red team, as long as I can get a board with a non-Foxconn socket.

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Well, it’s a lottery as most have suggested here - same ROG Zenith Extreme with a Foxconn socket

Well Jayz video did look bad with how hard it was to screw the CPU in. I dont trust Jayz much but. As he said he does not have a another MB to test if the CPU works. It may just be a faulty MB. Instead he make a video of destroying tech for click bait instead of realising something is wrong. He even says other MB’s where not a problem to screw the CPU like the system behind him.

Jayz is a dick. In the bad way mostly.


I wonder how much of it has to do with take the thing out and put it again. Its very likely they were engineered for install once and its left, not constant removal and insertion

My biggest cringe is watching him press down intensely on a hollow box and expecting good results.

FFS support the goddamn board!


That and all that warping on the PCB… /faceplam.

While it’s a good idea to support the board it’s not as bad for it as most people think. Ive seen some warped to hell boards work flawlessly.


Random with Asus.

This is common on both sockets.

I have had both sockets on the same board. The Asus Zenith Extreme. Given a choice I would go with Lotes, YMMV. Reason is the socket mechanism are stricter and do not have as much play as the Foxconn. I also had better success with memory on the Lotes. Foxconn had better chance of posting different OC speed, but not stable. Lotes had harder time posting OC ram speeds, but when it did, it was 100% stable. This also could be a board issue itself and perhaps different sockets or board combinations preferring different BIOS versions.

@bsodmike In your video you already had the TR4 pins protector removed. This should not be removed until you already have the CPU in the bracket and ready to close. Although your install is similar to the one I show below, I would recommend not screwing the #2 and #3 screws down so much at first. The pins on the TR4 socket are very easy to damage. You may not even realize they are damage till you remove the CPU at some point. This happened to me.

I highly recommend using this technique. I have used it since my 3rd CPU install without issues.


I remember when Jay drilled holes in his brand new X99 board.


Remember this is a guy running around a 370Z on track with stock seat belts, not exactly smart.


My board never came with a Socket protector!! Straight from Amazon BTW. That’s there to protect accidental CPU drops yeah? It only had a dummy-translucent cartridge in the slider.

Thanks so much for the video - that’s BRILLIANT. I love how he turns backwards, just to find the ‘threading’ point.