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Is there a worthy successor to ThinkPad X220?


Now to wait and see how linux compatibility evolves for the new Ryzen mobile.

Yeah, jumping in after a few bios updates will probably spare you a few headaches. Maybe one day amd laptops and linux won’t be a niche within a niche.



Just thought I’d post an update. Might be posting my impressions muchater that I hoped for. They still haven’t shipped my order yet.

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Also, this thing is super slow. Initial impressions are not great, but will carry on. Stay tuned!

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Thin is good, the issue of not being able to maintain it is the issue. Also can I use it in breaching a door? that is key for a thinkpad.

Using windows 10?



Spinning rust.
This is brutal:

Going to run some tests for curiosity’s sake - maybe get a baseline. I’ve yet to install these bad boys

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damn, 3 gigs of ram lol



Yeah, it was the same story when I got (and eventually returned) a Ryzen-based HP X360 Envy. I don’t know why (though I can guess…) Ryzen-based laptops often come without SSDs. Terrible out of the box experience, especially as it usually needs to get all kinds of updates on the first boot.

Curious to read your review of it with pros and cons once you get it set up with and SSD and linux.

I settled on a used Dell E7250 with a FHD touchscreen for now. It’s not perfect (coil whine being the worst part), but it fits my requirements almost perfectly. The materials and battery life are great.

powertop is fun. I have an original Acer Aspire One with an Atom N270 (single core! with HT) and 9" 1024x600 display. That thing uses reports 10W at a minimum, goes up to 15W on load. The E7250 with an i5 5300U with a FHD touchscreen and wifi on can get as low as 3.3W at idle! Blew my mind. 10X faster and 3X more efficient! Incredible.

Idling with minimum screen brightness, airplane mode, and tlp installed:




Yeah, part of the reason I somewhat regret getting my AMD nitro 5. I just thought at such a good price I could put in a 500gb NVME on top of it.

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I’ve found Windows 10 with 4gb of RAM AND spinning rust is the pain. Upping to 8gb can help a bit, but just getting an SSD in that is gonna help so much more.

Put them upgrades in! :stuck_out_tongue:



Did you? I did, and it is glorious

I did, and it is so much faster!


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Not yet, but i do know that it has an m.2 slot. I pretty much spent all my money on the laptop itself, but it was a deal i couldn’t pass up(rx 560x and a ryzen 5 2500u with 8gb of 2666mhz RAM for $465) I’m planning on just grabbing a WD blue SN500 because of how cheap they are on sale! i mean $65 for 500gb NVME just sounds great! I know they aren’t nearly as fast, but tbh i don’t really care for that price.



So my review of the unit is up! I felt it appropriate to start a new topic.

Please let me know if you have any feedback. Appreciate it!

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